Tooth Ache Suggestions


Does anyone have any helpful home remedies for a tooth ache?

Please don’t think this is trivial. Mr Beachcomber was up all night with an ache and I really think that the tooth might have abcessed. He doesn’t have a regular dentist but one office we called said that he could come in on Monday.

He just needs something to keep him comfortable until then. Thanks!


Warm moist compresses to the affected area, tylenol, and a touch of oil of cloves might help. What he probably needs is a prescription for an antibiotic to help as well. But I guess he will have to wait for that. You can also make a simple mouth rinse with household hydrogen peroxide too, just dilute to whatever concentration you want from 1% to 3%. But if you dislike the taste of hydrogen peroxide, it may be worth trying a product made with peroxide as the main ingredient or as one of several active ingredients. Hope he feels better soon


My husband had good results with Ambusol and good old Bayer aspirin. A good, long swish with Listerine and/or Peroxide might help also. Try to get to the dentist as soon as possible. My husband waited so long a few years ago, that the dentist took me aside after the visit, and told me if we had waited another day or two, the infection would have entered his blood stream and eventually killed him!


Beachcomber… Sorry about Mr. Beachcombers toothache :frowning: But… per CAF rules, we are not allowed to give medical or “remedy” advice.

I will pray for the easing of his pain, dear soul. God bless.


Thank you for your prayers and your ideas. I know something will work. During the middle of the night all I could think of was an ice pack. :o


Poor Mr. Beachcomber. Tootheaches are awful.

There are dentists who treat emergencies. I would call your dentist again and ask for a referral to the emergency dentist in your area. If there is no emergency dentist and if your dentist absolutely won’t come in and treat your husband, ask your dentist for a prescription for a strong pain killer. (Be careful, some of these, e.g., Vicodan, are addictive, and some people are sensitive to opiates and throw up, which isn’t fun when you have a tootheache.)

In the meantime, oil of clove can help him get through the weekend.

DON’T take aspirin, it will make you bleed more!

If none of the above works out and the pain is unbearable, you can go to the emergency room. It will cost you $$$. But they’ll bring in an oral surgeon, who will treat Mr. Beachcomber.

And when this is all over, look for a dentist’s office which will treat emergencies. And tell your dentist that you will no longer be using his/her services.


Hi! I am a wife of a dentist and work in his office. Best advise do not put heat on it because it can cause swelling and could be difficult to reduce. If the pain or swelling is severe take him to the ER ASAP.

Hope all goes well…I will say a prayer for him!


Find an emergency dentist.


***Apply a drop of oil of cloves with a Q-tip directly to the tooth.

Instant pain relief.

And get to a dentist! Pain is a sign of underlying trouble that oil of cloves cannot fix.***


Emergency dentist. Until then have him gargle with warm salt water and apply ambesol.


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