Top 10 guitar players of all time

Here is Rolling Stone’s magazine list
what is your vote?

Most of these guitar players are Rock music performers.

Andrés Segovia a classical Spanish guitar player is one of my favorites.

Canadian born Leona Boyd classical guitarist amongst other genre is another one of my favorites.

Some of her Christmas arrangements.

My vote would go to this guy:

Allan Holdsworth, absolutely mindblowing guitarist and doesn't get half the praise he should simply for being a jazz player.

Pretty boring list. Same old same old. Hendrix number 1? Yeah right. It is subjective, and that’s cool, but as someone said these are mostly rock/blues guitarists.

The problem is that there have been, by now, so many outstanding players with various styles. Any list too short to even mention Stevie Ray Vaughan just isn't a list worth commenting on. And yet, I have.:bigyikes: :banghead:

Thios list makes sense if you stopped developing taste after circa 1977! For sure, Keith Richards has been influential, but to be at No4 is just plain silly! He’s vener been that good!

Clapton certainly deserves a place, though. He’s got a sweet sound. And Hendrix is there for his adventurism, more than anything else, I guess.

That’s certainly one I would have included.

Well, it is their list...and it is rock guitarist's listed. With that said, there are a lot of jazz, classical and recording studio guitarist who could blow these guys out of the water. My pick, BeBe King 1st, with Eric Clapton 2nd. My reasons are based on the analogy of language skills; music and or dance is a fluent conversation, not "phrases" to get by on. That's my metaphysical take on it.

I'm Glad that Rolling Stone is not considered to be "infallible"....:D....because that list is selected from far too narrow a definition.

Where is Chet Atkins - who is clearly considered one of the great Guitar players of all time.

Where is Tommy Emmanuel who Chet Atkins called one of the 10 best guitar players in the world??
Wanna See Why?? ** Just Watch this...** and then while you are at it look up "over the Rainbow" and "Amazing Grace" and.....


I think Dave Mustaine belongs on the list.

Lindsey Buckingham - not usually associate with the others on this list but IMO just as good as some on the list.

Duane Eddy gets my vote.

[quote="NewsTheMan, post:4, topic:263761"]
Pretty boring list. Same old same old. Hendrix number 1? Yeah right. It is subjective, and that's cool, but as someone said these are mostly rock/blues guitarists.


It is a subjective topic. I'm not a Hendrix fan though in my immature teens I listened as being part of the crowd sort of speak. I can appreciate some forms of rock music but mostly from a distant reminiscent aspect. Today I need something musically much more sedate than the boom bang and screech of rock music.

Rarely do it sit hours in front of a Television and much rarer than that I almost never listen to the radio. Silence has always been a far more comforting friend.
If I do play soft classical music its often at a low volume that is only detectable by the subconscious.

Silence today is an often rare valued commodity.

Jimi Hendrix probably is one of the best of all time, so I agree with that.

However, listen to Leo Kottke...that's talentented man, though he usually plays a 12-string acoustic.

It’s a solid (though predictable) listing of rock and blues players. I’d bet that Lowell George will be in the top twenty.

I’d like to see Ry Cooder somewhere on the list. And I’d hope that Django would find a spot. Seeing Blind Willie Johnson there would make me happy too.

One of my personal favorites is João Gilberto. Not a lot of flash, but he has a depth of feel and harmony.

A real shock would be Franco, but he’s not too well-known in rock circles.

Of course, as a guitarist, I could go on and on. :o

perhaps most disturbing is the list seems to indicate RS editors are in my (and Keith Richards') generation not sure I am comfortable considering rock as that antiquated.

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Here is Rolling Stone's magazine list
what is your vote?


I am surprised Andres Segovia was not on that list. Or Paco de Lucia.

While I love to listen to probably all of those guys on their list, at least Andres Segovia, who proved the instrument a serious instrument in the classical world.

Out of that list, I really like the first three too...Wonder what happened to Carlos Santana too...

Most certainly as Rock music being a genre unto itself no it really isn’t that antiquated.
Some would argue that the British put out bigger names in Rock music than Americans have. However; in someways it doesn’t make sense. Blue’s music traditionally American had a cousin called Jazz, its baby Rock and Roll.

I always remember my parents saying having watched the Ed Sullivan Show and the first time Elvis Presley appeared on the show with gyrating hips and all. (“This will never last”).
So much for the rest of the story. I said the same thing when Rap and Hip Hop music first came on the scene. To each their own I suppose. The music style I hear today makes me feel I’m getting too old.:slight_smile:

Funny enough the number one on the list Mr. Hendrix would have hated these kind of 'top 10 of all time' lists of guitarists as he had a very catholic musical taste and many people were amazed by how wide his taste in music was when they got to know him. His imagination was what made Hendrix special as well as his perfectionism and inherent love and passion for music. But he would have freely admitted that other musicians with more technical skills and training could have outplayed him in certain regards. There's a famous Dick Cavett interview with the man where Cavett calls Jimi the best guitar player in the world and Jimi says 'the best one in this chair maybe' in response. That exemplifies a lot more about the man than silly number one positions on these ludicrous lists by Rolling Stone and other music magazines. Who as quite rightly pointed out have such a narrow focus and ignore so many genres that one has to raise a wry eyebrows at their conclusions.

Yes, it is a disappointing and unimaginative list. They skipped Robert Johnson??

Segovia, of course, is legendary. And Kotke is a living treasure.

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