"Top 100 Pro-Catholic Movies"

This is a list of quality, mainly religious-oriented movies. They are called "pro-Catholic because they best celebrate Catholic life. This list, though, doesn’t cover movies after 2004
see www.dfwcatholic.org/category/catholic-entertainment/featured

Cool! Thanks for the link!

Work in Rocky (remember the blessing by the Italian Father and the many signs of crosses the painting of Jesus on the ceiling of the arena in the opening scene etc.)

On the other hand Adrienne moves in with Rocky before they are married. Later they marry and in another Rocky movie he is constantly in the hospital chapel praying for his wife.

Considering that maybe Cinderella Man should be added to the list.

I’ll have to look at that list again. Very pleased at the high ranking of The Scarlet and the Black.

Barrabas was also good. Will look to see if the Big Fisherman is there (story of St. Peter from about 1960 or so) and Francis of Assisi with Bradford Dillman and (Sister !) Dolores Hart as St. Claire. Brother Sun, Sister Moon with Judi Bowker as the most beautiful girl to ever grace the movie screen as St. Claire was rememberable too (Zefferelli did a fine job warming up for his masterpiece “Jesus of Nazareth” miniseries on TV).

Rocky Balboa, aka Rocky 6, continued to portray that religious subtext, especially in how Rocky copes with Adrian’s passing. I also liked how he recieved a blessing from his bible carrying friend. I thought the final scene was sheer brilliance… “Hey yo Adrian, WE did it!”… Perfect ending to the franchise!

Where’s the Blues Brothers on that list? It was endorsed by the Vatican several years ago. After all, they were “on a mission from God”!

So do we need to rate the most pro-Catholic movies from 2005-2012.

I’d throw out The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) - scary, but very favorable and central portrayal of the priest. And The Rite (2011), also scary, but certainly favorable to the Church.


“Of Gods and Men” is most obviously a great choice, as is “The Way”… I’ve seen neither, but I have the former on video now, the latter I will try and go see before it leaves the cinemas, but I doubt I’ll get to see it on time.

Also I think two secularish films that portrayed Catholicism in a good light were “Into the Wild” and “The Pledge”, both directed by Sean Penn. I don’t like him much as an actor but he did give a Catholic character a good portrayal in the first film, and I like the semi-spirituality of the second one.

That 2011 film I mentioned in my thread would certainly be here too, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”, as that is a masterpeice of a movie that I think will one day be remembered as “The French equal to On The Waterfront” when it becomes more widely seen… When it comes on Video make sure you pick it up. I don’t think there’s ever been a movie that has more accuratly portrayed the plight of the poor, the struggle of the middle class(especially those that are “over the hump” and struggling to deal with the changing times, as well as their own kids sometimes selfish/unkind demands) and the indiffrence/ignorance of the rich in more traditionally “well off” countries. I frankly think it stands as a very good arguement for the return of “Catholic Action” should economic situations continue to deteriorate in Europe…

Thanks for the link, mdgspencer and for everyone else sharing their favorites.

I’ve seen The Rite… and it was very good.

The Scarlet and the Black is awesome! I could watch that over and over!

I know! The entire plotline of the movie revolved around them getting enough money to save the Catholic orphanage they were raised in. Who can forget the Penguin?

‘The Shoes of the Fisherman’, staring Anthony Quinn,( who was in Barrabbes ) It was made in the early '60’s.:cool::onpatrol:

Interesting. I saw Into the Wild - good movie. But I don’t recall how Catholicism was portrayed in a good light. Can you refresh my memory? (I am sure that it did, I just can’t remember how).


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