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:slight_smile: Here is a great list of the Top 20 Catholic Universities and Colleges in North America - it analyzes different Faithful Catholic Guides but these are all accredited schools…What school would you add to this list?
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I’d be hesitant to add any school to that list. A lot of Catholic schools have lost their way. :o :frowning:


This is actaully a pretty good list.

Looks like all but one of them are on the Cardinal Newman Society’s website (Dominican University College isn’t on their list).

I would suggest not limiting it to 20 colleges. But rather all accredited colleges who are Faithful to the Catholic Faith.

NOTE: it’s really a shame that none of the big Catholic Universities (sans Catholic U) are Faithful. :frowning:

God Bless.


This is an absurd statement. I’m a Ph.D student at Notre Dame. Come, spend time with us here, and see about faithfulness. I’ll take you to any of the daily Masses on campus you’d like to attend. You can speak with the numerous students and professors in the Theo dept who are faithful Catholics.


I’ll give you a double AMEN on that one, Tatian. GO IRISH :thumbsup:


I don’t see too many if any Jesuit universities on the list. Nor University of San Diego?

In my opinion don’t think that just by going to a Catholic university they will make you more Catholic. It is really up to you whether you will go to Mass and not stay in your dorm, or go to adoration and not stay in your dorm.


Notre Dame doesn’t make the list of Faithful Catholic universities because (1) they fail to meet all the criteria set forth by Pope John Paul II and because they adhere to the Land O’ Lakes conferences. Norte Dame’s problem is that they refuse to accept the Ex corde Ecclesiae issued by Pope Saint John Paul II.

What is Ex corde Ecclesiae?

It is the Apostolic Constitution on Catholic higher education issued by Pope John Paul II in 1990. The document identifies what constitutes Catholic identity at Catholic colleges and universities and specifies General Norms to achieve a Catholic mission. These Norms are binding on Catholic colleges as an application of Canon Law. In 1999 the U.S. bishops approved guidelines to implement Ex corde Ecclesiae in the United States; these became effective in 2001. Compliance by the U.S. Catholic colleges and universities varies widely. Clearly, a Catholic institution that minimizes or subverts Ex corde Ecclesiae, which has the force of Canon Law, has serious problems with its Catholic identity. All colleges recommended in this Guide enthusiastically support and abide by Ex corde Ecclesiae.

I’ve been to Norte Dame. I don’t deny that there are a lot of good Catholic students there. But there are also faculty who are not Catholic and who want the University to pay for Birth Control and Abortions. Villanova, which I’ve been to a lot has the same issues as Norte Dame.

Note: In no way are we saying that students are not Faithful. But that a lot of Catholic universities care more about being competitive against secular schools than being 100% Faithful to the Church. Or have officials who honor anti-Catholic politicians, like Norte Dame did when they honored President O’Bama.


Don’t be in denial. I know that there are devout Catholic students and faculty at Notre Dame. Unfortunately, there are also many faculty and administrators who are in active opposition to the Church.


If the requirement for ‘Catholicity’ is that 100% of those involved are 100% on board, then even the Church itself ceases to be ‘Catholic’ in the sense that her members don’t even add up to that. Again, come see how faithful a Catholic can be while here at ND. I am honestly quite happy to attend Mass with anyone who visits and chat with them over a coffee.


In my experience, there are two sides regarding Notre Dame on CAF.

On one side, there’s the folks who are mad at ND for failing to represent the faith as it should, by not embracing Ex Corde. They tend to simply write ND off. If things miraculously change, great, but they’re not invested in making that happen.

On the other side, there’s the folks who see ND as a preeminent Catholic academy, and as a vital battleground where the Church still has a very large and faithful contingent.

I am one of the latter. ND is far from being past the point of no return. I have yet to meet anyone who has spent any large amount of time there who wants to write it off (football weekend visitors don’t count.)


I concur with this statement. But would also like to add that some of the universities who don’t make the cut allow student organizations to exist which are in violation of Catholic values/teachings.

For example, a Catholic university should not allow a student organization to exists as a registered student organization which hands out free condoms to students like Georgetown does/did.

While the Universities can’t control the views of the students, they can control what organizations will be recognized as being officially recognized by the university.

They can also ban pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro assisted suicide groups/speakers form meeting/speaking on campus.

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