Top aide to Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI in email server investigation


LA Times:

Top aide to Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI in email server investigation

Huma Abedin, a close aide to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, was questioned last month by FBI agents investigating whether classified material was mishandled on the private email server used by the former secretary of State and her aides, according to a person familiar with the investigation.Abedin was interviewed for about two hours at the FBI’s field office in Washington on April 5, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Abedin is one of Clinton’s longtime confidantes and the interview is the latest indication that FBI agents have completed much of their background work and are nearing a conclusion in the politically sensitive probe.
Abedin’s lawyer, Karen Dunn, could not be reached for comment. Mike Kortan, a spokesman for the FBI, did not immediately return phone messages seeking comment.

Clinton said recently that the FBI has not approached her for an interview, but that she would fully cooperate if they do.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, said she has offered to answer any FBI questions and remains confident that she and her aides acted appropriately.

They’re getting closer and closer. Is Huma going to fall on her sword or make a deal for immunity.


If I were her, I’d start to question my ability to make wise choices. Married to Anthony Weiner, working for Hillary Clinton? Really?




You can’t tell me Hillary isn’t nervous about this. Huma Abedin might be fully loyal to Hillary Clinton, but the FBI is unforgiving if someone lies to them. This could be one of those “…I won’t substitute my rear end for yours…” situations.

But this is typical FBI. They circle and circle and it gets closer and closer. The last one interviewed is the target.


One would think!


I don’t think Hillary is nervous. It’s routine:

"(CNN)Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, including her longtime adviser Huma Abedin, have provided interviews to federal investigators, as the FBI probe into the security of her private email server nears completion, U.S. officials briefed on the investigation tell CNN. The investigation is still ongoing, but so far investigators haven’t found evidence to prove that Clinton willfully violated the law the U.S. officials say.

“In recent weeks, multiple aides have been interviewed – some more than once, the officials said. A date for an FBI interview of Clinton has not been set, these officials said, but is expected in the coming weeks. Abedin has cooperated with the probe, the officials said. Lawyers for Abedin declined to comment. The officials say the interviews of Clinton and her aides would be a routine part of an investigation like this.”

I’m on Hillary’s side, and even I’m glad they are interviewing everyone, including Hillary. I don’t want people coming back and saying this or that wasn’t done.


Anthony Weiner made a big mistake, but he’s repentant, and he’s a good man. Some marriages are worth saving.


He’s made more than one mistake; he’s a repeat offender, at least once after the big one that was in the news.


Well, it’s between him and Huma, not the public.


This is your opinion.

I see now that only some people are allowed to have opinions. Everyone else is asked for a source.


That’s too bad because he was good for New York until the scandal.


Give it a rest, already. We have bigger things to concern ourselves with.


Lily, I don’t know how you can say anthony weiner was a “good man.”

First he was a sexter while married.

Second, he wasn’t repentant. When caught sexting he lied and said his account was hacked. He lied to his wife; he lied to the public.

Third, totally independently: many anecdotal accounts from congressional aides depicted weiner as obnoxious and arrogant (ie abusive to pages; cutting in line in the congressional cafeteria; nasty when the cameras weren’t rolling).

Fourth, he was pro-abortion; pro-NARAL; and pro gay marriage.

Fifth: he was married to huma, which is bad enough IMHO!


I agree, but this is a thread about Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner is her husband.


Why are you judging her on the actions of her husband?


If it’s a question of her and Hilary’s relationship, why do we have to bring in her husband?


Which brings us back to my post questioning Huma’s judgment.

This is a bunny trail, but in reasoned discourse, statements of opinion (“I believe that xxx is true.”) do not require documentation. Assertions, on the other hand (“Xxx is true.”) do require documentation.


Who are we to judge Huma Abedin? Didn’t Christ forbid us to judge? Huma is free to love and support anyone she chooses.


Where is the off button? Found it!


Just a tweet at this point. Haven’t seen anything else.

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