Top bookstores' gloomy views generate merger buzz

Maybe it is because people can get items cheaper on-line than from them.

Top bookstores’ gloomy views generate merger buzz

By Anupreeta Das and Jessica Wohl Thu Mar 22, 12:10 PM ET

NEW YORK/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Top U.S. booksellers Barnes & Noble Inc. and Borders Group Inc. provided lackluster financial outlooks on Thursday, leading some industry analysts to think that a merger or leveraged buyout could be in the offing.

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I usually buy on-line from Amazon since B&N is usually more expensive and most books that I buy are not carried in the . The only thing I buy in the stores is usually music and books I cannot get at a discount on-line.

No doubt - back at the peak of my book-buying days, I’d search both Amazon & BandN. It seemed at one time BandN was competitive pricing-wise. No longer. I haven’t bought a book from BandN in quite some time.

'course it’s not fair to compare prices to an online store, but I was looking for a book and my wife told me she’s got a card or something to get a discount at Borders next week. 25% off. I can STILL get it cheaper online.

I have $75 in Borders gift cards that I have not used because their selection is awful. I have no idea what to get from Borders. I’ll have to try to find something, as my gift cards expire this year.

I use to like Borders for their religion section, but that has been getting smaller and smaller. B&N is still good for philosophy.

I like better for both. I also find a lot of great old books on E-bay.

I would be happy to take them off your hands :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously, I can’t help but feel a little Schdenfreude. I owned a bookstore for several years that went under at least in part due to a Borders and a Barnes & Noble opening in the area.

I’ll be happy to take them off your hands :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

Of course, the chain stores’ “gloomy news” hardly has me crying. I owned an independent bookstore for several years that went under at leat in part because two Borders and a B&N opened in the area.

I can’t wait for them to close up shop. I love small, independent bookstores. One down, one to go! (or at least hopefully)

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