Top Catholic Educator conceals abuse knowledge

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Just what does “Top” Catholic educator mean? I don’t see how that is upheld anywhere in the article. Sensationalism? Trying to make it somehow seem worse?

Good heavens.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Not even law suits change institutional behavior and inaction.

What is the point of the article? To tell us about a 15 year old letter regarding a man never charged with a crime? Why dredge all this up now? Even with Rose’s alleged confession of guilt, what good does it do to rehash an old story like this one? Oh, wait, it’s Advent (Christmas season to many who know no better), that’s why.

Yes, let’s pile on the old accusations against a Catholic brother, give the article a sensational title and wait for all the angry responses about that “evil” Catholic Church. Never mind all the abuse being suffered now in schools by coaches or teachers or by other clergy in non-Catholic ecclesical bodies. No, none of that is as important as digging up old news about a abusive Catholic brother during Advent. Nosiree. Let’s make an old story fresh to be sure to discourage any good thoughts/feelings people may have started to have about the Catholic Church.

I can see why a reporter might want to make hay out of this old story, but for a Lutheran member of CAF to link this article at this time seems in poor taste. How about looking to your own house for occasions of sin by your own leaders before throwing old abuse cases in the face of Catholics? Or were your motives as pure as the driven snows? :mad:

Glass houses.

Bottom line: Satan is alive and well and attacking the Church.

Internet makes it very easy to remain current on arrests and prosecutions being made within all churches for child sexual assault.

google search: priest arrest child 2010 or pastor arrest child 2010

Thanks, Lutheranspeak,

It was good of you to post this so we’d be sure to read it – we might have missed it, and you wouldn’t want that to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I learned that Rose’s alleged offenses occurred in the 1960’s, that criminal charges were never brought against him; consequently, he was never convicted; that nevertheless he was restricted from being around children at some unnamed date by some unnamed authority; and that those around him were guilty of not being psychic, including a Minnesota prison facility where he worked. Did I get that right?

How many Lutheran ministers have been accused or convicted of molestation? Surely you have that number at your fingertips. I know that the number of priests is miniscule compared to the number of Protestant clergy, as documented by a professor of history and religious studies, Dr. Philip Jenkins at Penn State – not Catholic – who studied the issue and wrote a couple of books.

How do you think this compares as a news story with the sins of abortionist George Tiller, M.D., the late-term baby killer who was shot while serving as an usher at his Lutheran church?

Or how does it compare with the serial killer who called himself BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill), who was a pillar in his Lutheran Church?

Just wondering. Of course, there’s Luther himself, who sent Melanchthon as his representative to witness the bigamous marriage of Philip of Hesse and said he could not find any scriptural reason to oppose polygamy.

I mean, as long as we’re discussing sinners . . .

Jim Dandy

Ouch!!! :ouch:

We’re in ur kirches
stealin ur luthers

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