Top DOJ official to take Fifth on Fast & Furious

The headline exagerates a little. The “top official” is head of the criminal division for the US Attorney in Arizona.

(Committee Chairman) Issa released the following statement:

“The assertion of the fifth amendment by a senior Justice official is a significant indictment of the Department’s integrity in Operation Fast and Furious. The former head of the ATF has previously told the committee that the Justice Department is managing its response to Operation Fast and Furious in a manner designed to protect its political appointees."

The Fifth Amendment protects witnesses from being forced to incriminate themselves. To “plead the Fifth” is to refuse to answer a question because the response could provide self-incriminating evidence of an illegal act punishable by fines, penalties or forfeiture.

Pretty much confirms everything they are accused of doing.

This whole situation is a very sad and an unfortunate event(s). I really hope everything “comes out in the wash”.


(Why Am I Not Surprised?)

I almost makes me long for the presidential openness of days gone by, like Nixon and Clinton. How’s that “Hope and Change” working for you folks?

Possible translation #1, “We hope no one notices the changes.”

Possible translation #2, “We hope you are satisfied with small change from your dollar.”

The headline exagerates a little.

Just a little…


Spit tea out on the keyboard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful, we will soon have 153 pages of federal regulations to make tea use less hazardous.

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