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Milford, CT - Top Catholic Songs formally announced today the voting results for the Top Ten Holy Spirit Songs from Catholic Artists, just in time for Pentecost Sunday. “Come Holy Spirit”, written and performed by Mark Mallett for his rosary project “Let the Lord Know” was voted #1 song. Lynn Geyer’s “SpiritSong” comes in second, while the single, “The Dream” places Stinging Rain at #3.
Susan Bailey and Celeste Zepponi have original songs named “Come Holy Spirit”, and both landed at the #4 and #5 positions, respectively.
George Lower’s “Shine Out” while ServantSongs’ “Glory Be” fill out the #6 and #7 positions, respectively. Annie Karto places
with “Sanctify” at #8. Nancy Krebs ranks #9 with her “Gift of God”, and the list ends with Mel Kennedy’s bilingual “Renew the Face of the Earth”.

The purpose of this Top Ten list was to honor Catholic artists for
their musical and technical achievements in providing Catholics with quality recorded music which is entertaining, edifying, and

According to a poll of the Top Catholic Songs online community, these 10 songs represent the best recorded songs about the Holy Spirit by Catholic musicians:

  1. Come Holy Spirit / Mark Mallett
  2. SpiritSong / Lynn Geyer
  3. The Dream / Stinging Rain
  4. Come Holy Spirit / Susan Bailey
  5. Come Holy Spirit / Celeste Zepponi
  6. Shine Out / George Lower
  7. Glory Be / ServantSong
  8. Sanctify / Annie Karto
  9. Gift of God / Nancy Krebs
  10. Renew the Face of the Earth / Mel Kennedy

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