Top NIH Ebola Specialist Says Quarantines Will Jeopardize Americans

WASHINGTON – The top government infectious disease specialist warned politicians against Ebola quarantines on Sunday, saying aggressive protocols targeting all health workers who fight the disease are not backed up by good science and could ultimately threaten public health in the United States.

I have to go with the scientists on this one. I live in one of the affected states.

The decision by several U.S. states to impose mandatory quarantines for health-care workers returning from West Africa and other Ebola-ravaged regions sparked disagreement this weekend between their governors and the Obama administration

On the contrary…Christie

“Imagine that you’re the person in charge of public health for people of a large, densely populated state … and these protocols continue to move and change,” Christie said. “It was my conclusion we need to do this to protect the public health of people of New Jersey. (New York) Governor Cuomo agreed. And now, (Chicago) Mayor Emanuel agrees. And I think the CDC eventually will come around to our point of view on this.”

Government paid “expert” is covering up for the incompetence of the Obama regime by telling you something that doesn’t make any sense? Color me shocked!

‘scientists’ are afraid that a 21 day quarantine will inhibit volunteers from helping overseas. If that minor clause prevents someone from helping, then their intentions could not have been clear and good intentioned to begin with. What good is it to wipe the nose of another if you aren’t willing to go one step further to dump the kleenex in the wastebasket?

I obviously disagree with you.

Mind you…that Doctors without Borders offered a return protocol ONLY after the ebola infected NY doc was discovered to have been bowling and using public transportation before turning himself in. Doctors without Borders think they have clout in this matter…not.

Counter-intuitive, Cristie and Cuomo have taken it in their own hands with I’m sure, expert medical advice. Hard to argue with that in its own right.

Those African countries outside of the 3 hardest hit have imposed closed borders including Ivory Coast with success.

Thank you dear Governors!

If he wasn’t symptomatic at the time, it’s fine. These people know what they are doing.

Limiting (non-medical) travel would make sense, but I don’t think there’s really a need for mandatory quarantines of medical personnel.

The ‘unintended’ consequence of mandatory 21 quarantine that Obama administration is talking about is this.

Cuomo’s comments came as lawyers for a New Jersey woman quarantined upon her arrival in Newark from West Africa said they would sue to have her released and file a constitutional challenge to such state restrictions.

What about the bowling alley and bridal shop that were shut down for a cleansing? Who is paying for their loss? Do I smell a lawsuit? Maybe NY Doc Spencer should pay for the bowling alley losing money and business.

Christie is a politician and everything - everything - he does is aimed at securing the 2014 Republican nomination.

The first quarantine case in NJ was handled completely incompetently. It’s much more likely that this quarantine will be dropped than the rest of the country will come around to Christie’s ignorant, Ill-informed position, but he’ll already have won his points with the no-nothing branch of his party.

Do you really trust that medical personnel always know what they are doing?
What about the NY doctor that went bowling, jogging in a public park and used multiple public transportations just HOURS before checking himself in? Really? What if he had been using fever reducers/pain relievers during those mere HOURS for whatever pain he might have had? Who doesn’t use acetaminophen…ibuprofen? He might have ‘fooled’ even himself.

Christie and Cuomo don’t give a rat’s pattoo about the best medical advice. Their concern is winning votes.

Travel restrictions do nothing but cause Ebola to spread more. THAT is what the best medical specialists have been saying all along.

I agree. Too bad she kept her cell phone so that she could call around complaining to the world. Woe is me I am in quarantine for 21 days.

Medical personnel are being given 21 day payed furlough from work. These 21 days are now part of the natural course of their charitable work over seas in affected areas.

Too bad.

Maybe we need to consider a more nuanced view? Maybe restrictions on their movements, to protect the public, but not a total quarantine? Maybe easier restrictions for US medical personnel, who are educated in thsi particular area and presumably don’t want to infect their family and friends, much less their fellow-citizens, and tougher restrictions on those who are not medical personnel, who may have helped a pregnant woman thinking her illness was pregnancy-related, that sort of thing.

The reality is that Ebola seems to be more and more contagious as it progresses. So a person taking care if very ill and dying people are more likely to get it than those who have little exposure and that more likely at the beginning of the illness.

And the other question is, where will we put all these people? 150 to 200 I have heard come int the US each day. That’s a lot of people to quarantine!

It is not just Christie and Cuomo. I guess these guys know just how many more high risk individuals are flying into their areas. They also have large populations to protect.

Illinois and Florida are also included.

This not a vote/political ploy.

EVERY infectious disease specialist says that restricting travel and quarantines will have the effect of spreading Ebola.

Are they all on the government payroll?

Or do you just not believe in science and prefer to stand by your tragic misconceptions!

I still donmt understand the reasoning if travel restrictions cause Ebola to spread more… that simply makes no sense. My thought is that with proper restrictions, the spread can be limited. A 100% ban makes no sense because then people who off-loaded a ship onto the docks are quarantined altho the chance of their having had any contact in so brief a time is extremely low. At the same time, a person who lived in an affected area might easily have picked it up given the life-span on the germs on surfaces, etc., and so this person should be more closely restricted. So, different rules for different situations.

And if you and many other say this enough and …do nothing, there WILL be too much water over the dam.

NY, NJ, FL, IL all say enough

It is just a matter of time…hopefully just a very short time when all states step forward and say enough.

Hopefully, there won’t be too much water over the dam by then.

Let’s hear it

4 down 46 to go

21 day quarantine for medical personnel returning to the states and anyone coming directly from the infected area

Every health expert does not say that.

Let’s see, Ivory Coast, borders Liberia and Guinea, no cases.
Ivory Coast closed its borders.

US, no borders with Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone, USA has had cases. Did not close its borders.

Kindly prove your point.

Why isn’t it in Ivory Coast? They closed their borders, they are right next to Guinea and Liberia. Let alone, fruit bats alone could fly into Ivory Coast.

Obama doesn’t give a rat’s pattoo about what’s best for Americans.

Map of Ivory Coast, Cote d’Ivoire:

So you say travel restrictions cause Ebola to spread more, then why is it not in Ivory Coast?

You talked a good game, now prove it!

Gov. Cuomo spells the 21 day quarantine here

This plan is reasonable and here to stay.

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