Top Political Stories of 2008

What I failed to say in the title is that it’s British.

Not enough exciting politics on this forum (:wink: ) so I thought I’d post this interesting article on some of the most interesting political events in British politics this year, with links to each story if you knew nothing about it.

The BNP membership list was a shocker at the time, but take a look for yourselves, if you have time with all your corruption scandal stories :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough of American jokes (hits self) as well as this, aside from the obvious election of Obama, any top political events of the year?

Here’s the article.

Interesting story on change through legislation that would allow Catholics and female heirs to be in the line of succession.

UK is also doing a bailout of banks but it seems very different from the US?(It is a 500 Billion pound bailout but only 50 billion from the people)

Yeah! I can still be King. Oh wait, I guess I’d have already had to be in line. I’m as German as any other English monarch!

WOW, make sure you have your flame retardant suit on before reading the comments below that article. :bigyikes: :stretcher:

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