Top pro-life priest asks US bishops to allow clergy to publicly discredit baby ‘killing’ Democrat Party

Top pro-life priest asks US bishops to allow clergy to publicly discredit baby ‘killing’ Democrat Party

June 25, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A priest well-known for his pro-life activism has penned an open letter to U.S. bishops asking them to use their authority to allow clergy to publicly advocate for the political party in the upcoming 2020 election that is pro-life and pro-religious freedom. The priest also asks for the right to name and discredit the opposing political party.

“The rights of the Church and the common good are under attack in unprecedented ways by the Democrat Party,” Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, declared in a June 25 open letter to the U.S. bishops (read full letter below).

Pavone noted how current Church directives forbid clergy from engaging in partisan politics. He also pointed out, however, that the current political situation is something that such directives do not take into account. The priest’s letter, written to coincide with Religious Freedom Week, points out that guidance from the hierarchy often frustrates and hinders the mission of clergy and lay people when it comes to articulating and applying the teachings of the Church to the political realm.

It’s sad its come to this.


Well meant I am sure. But it will never happen. First, because the Democrats would demand removal of the Church’s tax exempt status. Second, because…(guess I had better not say)


I don’t see how anyone could support late term abortion.

Should the Church abandon its moral leadership because of threats from American politicians?


No. But watch…

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As much as I hate abortion and want it to be un-legalized, religions should not be endorsing candidates.
Only ideas.


Agreed. I wish they would make their critique or praise of specific ideas more concrete.

I am sure people would claim it political, but it would go a long way if the Bishops would actually make a point to specify policies that are, or are not, within Catholic morality.


The Catholic Church is totally opposed to abortion, it’s part of Catholic teaching, it’s not just something here in the US, it’s taught by the Catholic Church throughout the world. If some Catholics don’t understand that or are ignorant of it then that is their fault, the job of the church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, not to support some political party here or elsewhere in the world. If some people can’t, or won’t follow what the church teaches it’s their choice, why is this even an issue when it is perfectly clear what the church teaches and has always taught on abortion, is this Lifesite a Catholic site, I’ve never heard of it.


Does anyone know what is going on with Fr. Pavone? Last I heard of him he was dealing with some issues. He seems to be now moving away from ministry and into politics?

There’s a big problem when the USA and Canada are with China and North Korea as far as these abortion laws go. And as we have heard, infanticide or something like it has been in the works too. Sometimes, you have to call evil, evil.


I think there are easy ways around this. Look at how the Democrat party, and many Dem politicians, fundraises through the BLM “nonprofit” organizations.

Maybe start a group of nonprofits and have parishioners tithe to them (schools, support of priests, support of building, etc) each week.

If the clintons can live an extravagant lifestyle from their nonprofit “foundation” then our church can survive with similar tactics.

Fr. Pavone’s canonical standing is questionable, and after what he did to an aborted fetus before the 2016 election, no one should be listening to him.

ETA: I reached out to Mary Pezzulo to inquire about Pavone’s current standing and she shared this:

My latest information, is that the exact 48-hour period that I was writing this piece, a friend called the diocese of Amarillo and the assistant to the bishop said he still belongs to them but is not a priest in good standing.

I believe the friend in question is author Jenn Morson.


The article is on Patheos which I am not sure is a reliable site. For example, they have articles on paganism: from
“It’s a fascinating time to be Pagan. How do Dianic Witches work with Hellenismos polytheists? How do Heathens build community with Druids? Has the time for temples returned? Is practicing magic, or magick, an important part of your Pagan spirituality? Does the strength of our communities lie in our non-traditional forms of organization? How do our theologies embrace gay, lesbian, queer and transgender Pagans?”
Also the Patheos site appears to have articles opposing the state of Israel. Are they anti-Zionist?


Patheos is a housing site for various blogs. Many Catholic bloggers have their home there, include Fr. Dwight Longenecker. The question, I guess, isn’t whether Patheos is reputable (since that’s like asking if WordPress is reputable) but whether individual authors posting there are. Pezzulo, Morson, and Sean Dailey have been following this story for quite some time and they’ve done legwork. I have no reason to question the information they received from the Amarillo diocese.


It’s very annoying to see Catholics act like the faith is a political party. I wish more of us separated from it entirely


Well, somewhere, the babies themselves matter, how ironic, we might see the DACA recipients as something to be concerned about, some minorities in the USA, those who destroy property in the USA …

But wait for it. Now, Father Pavone… is this a new tune??

Anyway, EWTN also has a show with him. Yes, EWTN has his own show…

What revulsion and I’d say it looks like a real contradiction but nothing above said changes…

1/2 of all unborn African Americans are aborted.

Up to a 3rd of all abortions involved African American babies.

Let us never forget that this great compassion seems totally missing here among the most innocent. This sounds very much like hypocrisy and it should be seen.

Please never think other people are not compassionate. Nor knowledgeable for that matter.

I will be saying prayers.

This is truly repugnant, the poor babies, the most innocent, …not… I don’t think they are even mentioned one time in all of this who seem to detract from Fr. Pavone.

I’d say he says the truth. Perhaps a truth some ignore.

I guess, the memo about black lives matter didn’t get out to everyone.



“The new bishop, to whom I’ve been transferred, is the one whose authority I am under right now,” he said, describing himself as a “priest in good standing,” which he told CNA means that he is not subject to any canonical penalties or prohibitions.

The Priests for Life website says that “By a decree of the Vatican dated November 11, 2019 (Congregation for the Clergy, Prot. N. 2019 4532), [Pavone] was transferred out of the Diocese of Amarillo and granted the opportunity to continue to carry out his pro-life work under a new and supportive bishop.”

Oh, and let me mention “babies”, just in case nobody else does. I can’t believe it.

Now, wait a minute, that website is all different religions website, so I believe you are unfairly portraying that website. They have an atheist area and so on. It’;s an all religion site. I think this is a bit of a smear. Who knows what Catholics have written for Patheos when it comes down to that. Maybe I could find someone reputable as a Catholic and in turn, say you are using this to belittle everyone.

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If Democrats don’t want to be attacked for being pro-abortion, then they should stop being pro-abortion.

Republican Senators voted 51-to-2 in FAVOR of banning 20 week abortions.
Democratic Senators voted 42 to 2 AGAINST banning 20 week abortions, when babies can feel pain.

It has nothing to do with attacking either major party, only with the incessant involvement of Catholics with the whole thing. Honestly, I have lived a short life so far and I’ve already tuned everything out.

God help us if we’re silent on these atrocities.

A photo from the U.S. Senate vote Tuesday on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act appears to show Democrats exchanging a celebratory high five after the bill failed to pass.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act requires that a baby born alive during an abortion must be given the same degree of medical care that any other baby born at the same gestational age would, including transportation to a hospital. It also would enforce the protections by punishing doctors who refuse to provide basic medical care to infants.

Democrats killed the bill to protect newborns from infanticide in a 56-41 vote. Sixty votes were necessary to overcome Democrats’ filibuster. All but three Democrat senators voted no.


Abortion is bad enough; now both sides have made a game of it. Pathetic.

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