Top ranking cardinal reveals future title for Benedict XVI

His Holiness, Benedict XVI, [various titles] before 2/28/2013 @ 8:00 PM.

His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Bishop Emeritus of Rome after 2/28/2013@ 8:00 PM.

who addresses the Pope as “Benedict XVI”?

I don’t know, that would be very odd. “Hello Pope,” “Hello Benedict XVI.”

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been wondering abiut this, since this is such a unique historical moment. I really liked P. Benny, though.:smiley:

Once the resignation of Benedict XVI goes into effect on February 28 at 8 p.m. local time in Rome, he will still be addressed as “Your Holiness Benedict XVI.”

According to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the president for the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, the same procedure will apply to the Pope as with other bishops and archbishops. After that date, Benedict XVI will be referred to as the Bishop Emeritus of Rome.

I like it. I pray he lives, writes and speaks for many more years.

Anyone who writes him a letter; that would be the formal address. The direct address or greeting is “Your Holiness.”

So it’s “Hello, Your Holiness”, not “Hello, Pope Benedict XVI”

More formally, the given title would be as it appears in a letter:

His Holiness Benedict XVI
Bishop Emeritus of Rome
Name of Place of Residence
Street address

Your Holiness:

Well, this title makes sense. And yes, I hope he lives and writes for many more years…

That makes more sense. I was thinking direct address. :rolleyes:

Leave him alone. Who cares what his future title is?

:confused: What?

In the US we usually call a person by the highest rank they held. We still call Bill Clinton, President Clinton. We still call John Bolton, Ambassador Bolton. I wonder if we will still call Pope Benedict, “Your Holiness” or “Most Holy Father?” I’m guessing yes.


People who grieve (which is not limited to deaths), need to hold on to that which changes, hence the fond thoughts of conjecturing what his title will be, so that we may further hold him in our hearts. It is a way of holding on, but letting go gradually. Understandable, especially in this rare circumstance. Just my opinion.

:hmmm:One thing I find disturbing is the reactions of some CAF members to these reports on the Holy Father. This is the second time that someone has said “Leave him alone” , but all that we’re doing is posting credible information and sharing positive thoughts about the Pope. I have yet to read anything nasty here? :shrug:

My feeling on the matter is that if you don’t like the topic, then avoid threads related to it instead of being rude and making snippy posts.

Well it’s official according to the top ranking cardinal. The Popes new title when his resignation goes into affect on February 28 will be drum role **“Your Holiness Benedict XVI.” ** Bravo!!!

The source:

He really doesn’t mind if I call him Benny!:eek:

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Inego, I’ve been calling him Pope Benny for a long time. Its my Jewish roots. I don’t know any Bens that weren’t called Benny by their family and friends. And “Papa Benedict” just sounded wrong - papa being an endearment and all…

I like this new title. This is for sure?

Bangin’! Awesome! Too cool!

You could show a little respect!, Memaw

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