Top Ten Father Corapi Facts

**Today’s Humor - Top Ten Father Corapi Facts **

In the current issue of Envoy Magazine (, Patrick Madrid lists his Top 10 Father Corapi Facts:

*]When Father Corapi does push-ups, he doesn’t push up. He pushes the world down.

*]Father Corapi doesn’t sleep. He waits.

*]Father Corapi can make onions cry.

*]Father Corapi keeps a nightlight on when he goes to bed, not because he’s afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him.

*]Superman wears Father Corapi pajamas.

*]Father Corapi doesn’t read books. He stares them down till he gets the information he wants.

*]Every night before going to bed, the Boogeyman checks under his bed for Father Corapi.

*]Father Corapi can lead a horse to water and make it drink.

*]Father Corapi’s calendar goes straight from March 3lst to April 2nd. No one fools Father Corapi.

*]Once, a cobra bit Father Corapi in the leg. After three days of excruciating pain, the cobra died


I adore Father Corapi!
He so cool!

I miss the EWTN radio shows, all of them.:):):slight_smile: Who was it who did the Spiritual Warfare programs? All of the shows have a lot of class, excepting perhaps, Catholic Jukebox. My opinions, based on my dinosaur values!:frowning: Colmcille

Is this supposed to be funny???

I guess you had to be there.

Lol, I wasn’t sure…but now I get it! :thumbsup:

lol I’ve seen these all before, they are all chuck norris facts. They just replaced the name lol.

Hmm, more suitable to Chuck Norris than Father Corapi, not that he hasn’t got a whiff of the Chuck Norrises about him though :smiley:

I have watched some of his programs on EWTN and they are all very informative and faith building (yes even for a protestant.) But I’m not sure Fr. Corapi can take on Chuck Norris :D. Sorry.

this post is a disgrace. Fr. Corapi is the best that the Catholic Church offers. The poster ought to be ashamed as well as the author of this “10 facts”.

Oh please! If you are joking, it doesn’t come across, if you are serious, you need to get yourself a sense of humour. :slight_smile:

I don’t care if it is a joke or not. It is offensive. I have reported the post to the moderators. Why would someone post such thing as joke. It is rude and offensive. I am sorry but that is the way I take it.

Seriously? I’m not even a fan of Fr. Corapi, but I found this both funny and highly complimentary to him. I’ve seen a similar “list” concerning Jack Bauer, the fictional uber-hero of “24.” What this is saying is that Fr. Corapi is strong, vigilant, powerful, and no one’s fool. And you find this offensive? Would he be “the best that the Catholic Church offers” if he were weak, lazy, and foolish? I find your outrage puzzling.

I fear the priest who is a celebrity. Let us pray for Father Corapi to remain in the state of grace - and if he is not in it, for God to put him there.

I see it as belittling Fr. Corapi

I think those would even make Fr. Corapi laugh.

He has a great sense of humor.

Most great saints do.

I loved them and am going to print them out and put them on my fridge.:smiley:

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