Top Trump Transition Official in Private Email: Russia “has just thrown” the election to Trump

Top Trump transition official in private email: Russia ‘has just thrown’ the election to Trump

And the plot thickens…

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"“If there is a tit-for-tat escalation Trump will have difficulty improving relations with Russia, which has just thrown U.S.A. election to him,” she wrote.

McFarland previously served as deputy national security adviser before she was asked to resign by H.R. McMaster, who became national security adviser after Flynn’s abrupt departure.

It is unclear whether McFarland actually believed that Russia had “thrown” the election to Trump, or whether she was being sarcastic. A White House lawyer told the Times that she was mocking Democrats’ accusation — bolstered at that point by a CIA assessment — that Russia had interfered in the election to help Trump win.

But the email sheds new light on McFarland’s role in coordinating the transition team’s attempts to convince Russia not to retaliate."

The last sentence is the only thing new here, and doesn’t imply anything unethical, immoral, or illegal.

Can one of the leftists here give me some idea of exactly HOW they think Russia helped Trump win the election here?

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LOL. How many times has it been asserted that emails show that the DNC had an anti-Catholic agenda, when the email thread in question was so very, very flimsy - so much had to be made up to make the specious charge - in comparison to what McFarland wrote.

It is great to see a little critical thinking form the Trump fans. It is sad that the skill is used so stingily.

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Are you posting the quote and disavowing it at the same time? :confused:

I’m in awe at how powerful Russia is. The US election system must be a complete joke if Russia has the power to “Throw the election to Trump” I mean really do we know if this was the first election Russia has decided or are other elections suspect as well. I mean with that much power at their fingertips Russia has certainly been at this for a while.The rest of the world better watch out they could easily be on Russias hit list.

Soon the whole democratic world is going to be run by a bunch of Russian stooges.

God help us!

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I’m still in awe that people were dumb enough to actually believe the Russian fake news stories about Hillary’s deadly illness and the pedophile pizza place. There are still people that believe those stories and those people were in fact influenced by the Russians. The Russians seem to only be as powerful as Americans are stupid.


I"d say we have enough loonies in the US to come up with these things on our own. What’s the evidence that Russia is the source?

“THE RUSSIANS DID IT”! Source please!

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