Top Universities/Colleges for Mathematics

What are the top Universities or Colleges for the study of mathematics?

Depends on what degree level and on what career path is intended after college… in my opinion…

If the career path is technically oriented… then I’d steer towards a technology school (ie engineering based… MIT, etc)…
If the career path is academic (wanting to teach at the college level), then maybe a liberal arts college would be perfect…

Depends upon what field of specialization and career plans.

Can you be more specific?

This is very very early in the searching phase and there are no definite career plans at this point. However, there is a desire for at least BA/BS level degree in mathematics–perhaps more applied and engineering oriented, perhaps more academic and teacher oriented.
Midwest is preferred but not required.

I’m biased as an engineer with a minor in mathematics…
But I would suggest steering towards a technical school… there are many public universities with very strong programs.

I suggest technical because it’s easy to see a career application with your degree (outside of academia)… and job recruiters would come to you if you were well-positioned at a technical college…

Here’s a good resource for research!

Honestly, unless they want to go into top tier research or tenured professor, your state university system is probably just fine. Even then, many successful academics come out of state programs.

I majored in math, with curriculum and instruction to be a secondary teacher, and I went to a state school. I have friends that went through the same program with me and their jobs include a couple of high school teachers, a college professor, an FBI job (doing I am not sure what… classified), and homemaker who does free lance graphic design work.

If you REALLY want top, top, top-- something that would get you a job in cutting edge research or some extremely lucrative statistics/analytics job:

UC Berkeley

But honestly, everyone I know who has math degrees, statistics degrees, and computer science degrees went to state schools.

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