Top Vatican liturgical official urges 'ad orientem' liturgy [CWN]

Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Liturgy, has recommended that priests throughout the world celebrate Mass ad orientem, beginning at Advent.


There’s already a couple of threads on this development. The largest is here.

Is this 100% going to happen in ALL churches?

That would be awesome.

Why did they change 1900 years of catholicism in the first place?

Our Lord had.reasons for instructing.the Apostles to celebrate mass the way they did…

The book of Revelation says, “But when you see this, know.that the end is very near. see the desolating sacrilege standing where it ought.not to be (may the hearer understand), then the end is very near, take.what you have.and flee to the hills.”

Is.the desolating sacrilege.all the abuses.that were not mentioned in Vatican II.that became common place,
Such as moving.the tabernacles, moving the tabernacle lamps, priests facing.the people rather.than.the priests.and people.facing God, no.more kneeling to Our Lord for communion, no more sacred right of only a priest to hold our Lords Body.and Blood in his hands, etc…

I rather think there’s more to “Catholicism” than the direction faced by the priest. And if the compass directions for celebrating the Eucharist are in Scripture, then I must have missed that chapter. And no, it’s not going to happen in 100% of all churches. It was a suggestion / request without the force of either a written directive from the relevant Congregation or from the Holy Father, whom I think the cardinal in question has gotten ahead of. From what I’ve read, Pope Frances celebrates Mass as orientem once a year. His daily Mass is celebrated ad populem.

He is the prefect of the relevant Congregation and has the authority.

However, as I said in the other thread, unless this actually hits a Decree or some other document with the force of law, this will remain a dead ideal.

But Cardinal Sarah does have the power to issue this as a binding directive, by virtue of his current position.

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