Topeka Kansas, please look out with this guy


to all the catholics in topeka, someone send me this link and i think you should be warned of this “i hate everyone and spetially homosexuals and catholics” guy, here is proff:

in his homepage he also has:
God hates America
God hates Sweden


Boy that is awful


Everybody in Kansas is familiar with Fred Phelps. He once picketed my old home parish in KC during Sunday Mass. I’m not sure whether it was because he thought we weren’t hard enough on gays, or just because he thought Catholics as a group are going to hell. He’s the right wing analogue to the rainbow sash.


[quote=miguel delgado]to all the catholics in topeka, PLEASE GUYS LOOK OUT OF THIS LUNATIC

We all know about him, and see them picketing all churches and even other events. He gives a very bad name to Christianity.

Kotton :frowning:


i certainly don’t have the patient love to deal with children like this that our loving God fortunately does.
being a sinful child myself, i will pray for His mercy on both of us.

Christ is risen!!


[quote=Kotton]We all know about him, and see them picketing all churches and even other events. He gives a very bad name to Christianity.

Kotton :frowning:

what is picketing??? how many followers this guy has???


That dude needs some help and needs some praying for him!:eek:


Is this church a large church or a small rural church with a lot of noise?

His statements are pretty awful and I feel sorry for him and the people he leads and listen to him.


This so called “preacher” made it to our parish bulletin this week. Father David (our pastor) gave us a “Heads Up” on an upcoming demonstration which will be in front of our church.



Immaculate Conception Church, along with other churches in the city in proximity to the Durham School of the Arts, have been designated as sites for protest next weekend, May 7/8. Fred Phelps is the preacher at Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. He runs two websites: **God Hates America **[/"]]](“ and **God Hates Fags **
[/”]]](" . Rev. Phelps and his congregation (largely composed of family members) preach hate towards almost everyone, but the brunt of their malevolence is towards homosexuals.

The Westboro Baptist Church Gang has protested at the funerals of Matthew Shepherd and Al Gore, Sr.They frequently visit towns across the country to picket churches and communities, carrying signs that carry hateful phrases.

The Durham School of the Arts is performing a play centering on the life and the brutal death of Matthew Shepherd. This is the reason for the Rev. Phelps and his parishioners to be in Durham. The Durham police department phoned the parish last week alerting us to this protest. The protesters cannot come on church property, nor are they permitted to block access to the church. They will occupy the public sidewalk in front of the church. Confrontation with these people is not recommended. Fr. David**


[quote=miguel delgado]what is picketing??? how many followers this guy has???

Picketing is carring signs and marching or standing in front of churches or groups. His followers are his church, 90% of which are his family.

Kotton :slight_smile:


I thought that the site was a satire until I searched some of the articles. How can someone turn Christianity into such hate filled venom?



Ahhh, a result of people thinking they can accurately and personally interpret the Bible for themselves.


[quote=RichSpidizzy]Ahhh, a result of people thinking they can accurately and personally interpret the Bible for themselves.

That and a serious mental disorder.


If you watch some of the videos, he is a very self righteous dumb donkey (you know the synonym for donkey)

Don’t worry though, he’ll get his someday.



[quote=pnewton]That and a serious mental disorder.

well… yeah :o


**[left]This is a song found on their site. If he thinks God hates America why doesn’t he leave because nobody is buying this guys ****.

God Hates America
**(Sung to God Bless America)

God hates America!
Home of the fags
He abhors them
Deplores them
Day and night, all his might, all his days
From her mountains
To her prairies
To her oceans
White with foam
God hates America!
The perverts’ home !

I really dislike this guy!



Fred :mad: Phelps :bigyikes: sails under the banner of Christianity, but from all I have seen of him he:nope: doesn’t have a clue as to what it is! He reminds me of the story Jesus tells in Matthew 25.31ff, about the sheep & the goats.


Oh wow, I’m excited: another anti-Catholic site that would make me laugh for hours. I didn’t know Calvinism existed during Peter’s time:

Peter preached the Five Points of Calvinism: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints.


OMGoodness you guys…I checked out this site and found it totally horrible so I was reading the links to my fiance…I clicked on the Marriage link to see if he actually had something positive on his site. As we were listening to his marriage sermon I started reading all your comments. I read out loud about how 90% of his church was his family and my fiance quipped “And yet they have marriages” I laughed so hard… In his marriage sermon he gets totally off topic and bashes Catholics and the president and of course gays etc…As my pending marriage looms I guess I know who won’t be doing my marriage homily…hehehehe… Seriously, I think he uses the word HATE more times on his website than any other website I have ever seen. I truly wish the Lord to touch his spirit and change his hateful heart.

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