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Forgive me people for my scruples but…
Recently the CBCP or the Catholic Bishop’ Conference of the Philippines issued a statement that " wasting food is morally wrong and is a grave sin." Those are not the exact words but they said that wasting food is morally wrong and a grave sin. You get my point. So now my mom prepared a dish and I did not like the fish dish. (I dont like fish that much) So I did not want to waste it nor to eat it. So I gave my leftover to my grandmother which she had finished. Did I commit a Mortal sin. Knowing that wasting food is a grave sin?

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So you ate some. Your grandmother finished eating what you didn’t eat. So your portion of the meal was consumed by yourself and your grandmother. No part of your meal was thrown out in the rubbish. Therefore you did not waste any of your meal.


Your posting history and your first post indicate that you have scruples.
Therefore, please discuss directly with your priest.
Posting here is not a healthy behavior for someone suffering from scruples, as it can worsen your condition.


You really should talk to your priest about being scrupulous.

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I don’t think you did anything wrong, because you didn’t actually waste the food you gave it to someone else. I grew up extremely poor, at least by American standards which admittedly isn’t that poor , so I don’t like the idea of wasting food. I’ll be honest with you, if it’s something that my dogs can eat, and I can’t finish it for whatever reason, I give a little bit to the dog nothing that I know it’s going to hurt it

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