666 ?!


sorry I have no idea where to post this…

ok I have never given this any thought at all, but I’m getting a little spooked, Seems like the past couple weeks the # 666 (apocolyptic number I think it’s called) keeps appearing-- at work, mostly. I know (hope!) it’s all probably coincidental, but it got me wondering what the catholic church teaches on it.

Sorry if I’m being dumb, I’m just a little edgy about it for some reason…



Ignore it, and trust in Jesus.

Six hundred sixty-six is the number of the beast. It symbolically refers to Emperor Nero, the proto-antichrist, and to every type of antichrist that is to come, and, finally, to the antichrist himself.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Church teaches that that was simply a number given to some Roman emperors of the time when Revelation was written. To be exact, I think it is the number of Nero’s name.

The Seer has marked the beast with the number 666. His purpose was that by this number people may know it. “He that has understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and his number is six hundred and sixty-six”. A human number, i.e. intelligible by the common rules of investigation. We have here an instance of Jewish gematria. Its object is to conceal a name by substituting for it a cipher of equal numerical value to the letters composing it. For a long time interpreters tried to decipher the number 666 by means of the Greek alphabet, e.g. Iren., “Adv. Haer.”, V, 33. Their efforts have yielded no satisfactory result. Better success has been obtained by using the Hebrew alphabet. Many scholars have come to the conclusion that Nero is meant. For when the name “Nero Caesar” is spelled with Hebrew letters (NRVN QSR), it yields the cipher 666. N=50, R=200, V=6, N=50, Q=100, S=60, R=200; total, 666.

Here is a link to the Catholic Encyclopedia that has the entire article.


It pops up all the time - you’re just noticing it because of the associations it brings up. If you’re still worried, pick any random number - 315, 842, etc., and be on the lookout for it; it’ll pop up about as frequently, but you’ll be noticing it more.

When you say it keeps appearing “at work,” just remember that as long as it’s not showing up on your boss’ scalp, or trickling down the walls, you should be okay.


Sounds like you are being played with-lower energies do this at times to unnerve or frighten…keep in mind that they feed on fear- eliminate the fear and focus on God’s Love…give it to God and let it go…God Bless


thank you guys. I feel better. I guess I am a little nutty sometimes, my imagination gets the better of me. I think I watch too many scary movies. :o

I’ve been trying to ignore it and yes, there are other numbers that come up as frequently, that one is just easier to notice. plus I think the scale likes numbers that end in 6 anyways, must be a sticky spot or something… ???

sorry it took so long to get back with you on here, my computer went kaput. I’m on DH’s dinosaur now… sigh. next weekend mine’s getting an enema.

Thanks again!


My dear friend

Try some of the prayers for protection on here saint-mike.org/

God bless you:)


I’m pretty sure that this number was simply representative of the Emperor Nero.


Correct, it was.


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