No, Catholics do NOT worship saints. When we pray to saints we are asking for their intercession, just as you might your friends or family. We know that the Saints are alive with God, because He is the “God of the living, not the dead,” and therefore they can hear us and join us in prayer. This is the communion that God wishes for His Church, and it extends from Earth to Heaven.

We don’t worship the Pope either.




So here I am, trolling along, and I see a “…” as a post.

Being both curious and nosy and known in the past to follow “stupid tourist tunnels” through pyrimids in Mexico, I had to click on the link.

So the entire subject heading and post is “…”.

And yet, there is an answer to this, spoken eloquently by Ghosty.

So I have to ask…was the original question written in tongues?

Ghosty, do you have the gift of interpretation? :smiley:


He has the gift of discernment of dots.


First post by SteveP made at 6:29 pm something about “worshipping saints.”

Ghosty replies at 7:00 pm giving the answer.

Initial poster decides he asked a dumb question, question withdrawn at 6:47 pm … (note edited post time stamp)

But replaced with the cryptic and more difficult question “dot dot dot.” :smiley:

Now it’s your job to answer his follow-up question about dot dot dot. :thumbsup:

Here’s another short answer and long answer on “worshipping saints”

Also check the Catholic Answers online library of articles of course.

Phil P


Hey, I know Morse Code! … means “S”!


First I thought we were playing Jeopardy. Ghosty gives the answer and we have to come up with the question. Then Eden tells us it’s Morse Code.

— … !


asd;lkfjej alkfj8374k47 aifeidn q975p3h=======
kad;f9=546034956- ()(&&^&(& P(**&)y p87huhO&^)& P(&*y p9( :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :confused:


hatway siay ehay ayingsay ithway hosetay otdsay???:stuck_out_tongue:










E.E.U.U. (Los Estados Unidos)


102, this is 105, 10-28 at 10-72, please 10-25, bring 103 in case of 10-88. Well be 10-8 in 10 after the 10-50.

^&(%%&$%^^&^ = &(^%%

x+y = Z

x+x /= x or y or z
y+y/= x or y or z



JCPhoenix: Be careful, you’re starting to sound like oriel36!

Honestly, folks, I saw the “…” and was intrigued. When I opened the thread and saw that there was nothing actually posted within, I was disappointed and decided to randomly make up a question to answer so that my time wouldn’t be a complete waste.

I call it Free-Style Sologetics!


[quote=JimG]He has the gift of discernment of dots.

This is :frowning: completely unfair! I want:yup: the same gift! And I want it:crying: :crying: now!!


This is :frowning: completely unfair! I want:yup: the same gift! And I want it:crying: :crying: now!!

The Holy Spirit doesn’t reward such attitudes. You have to empty yourself like I have before you receive such charismatic gifts.



**… … … **
**… … … **
**… … … **
**… … … … … … **
… … …
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**… … … **
… …


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