Tornado Cluster in Dallas Causes Damage - Injuries/Deaths Unknown at this Time

Tornadoes in the Dallas Area

Please pray!

Thank you!

It looks to have been a serious outbreak, that is moving through other areas now. Prayers out to the people of Texas.


My prayers are with you, Juliane, and the people of Dallas and other areas of Texas. May G-d protect you.

My prayers will be very much with the people of Texas, and you dear friend

As are mine. Regardless of denomination or creed, let us pray together as one. :gopray: :signofcross: :grouphug:

I am 5 hours away by highway, so this does not affect me. It looks as if most people had enough warning to get to their safe room or shelter of some kind. The school kids were locked down in their schools, and were safe. None of the major hospitals was hit.

I’ll post more news as it becomes available. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am grateful this happened in the daytime - as the storm cell moves north and east, the tornadoes may strike in the dark, and be wrapped in rain, which means little to no warning.

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