Toronto Cancels Canada Day Celebrations but "Gay Pride" Takes Place as Planned

By Thaddeus M. BaklinskiTORONTO, June 29, 2009 ( - Toronto’s sordid display of homosexual licentiousness, the ‘gay pride’ parade, which annually features acts of public indecency, including full nudity, took place this weekend as planned; but Toronto city officials…

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What the LifeSite article doesn’t mention is that the Pride parade is not city-run, but a private fest. Citizens of Toronto are still free to celebrate Canada Day - simply that the government funded activities have been canceled. The reason for this cancellation has to do with trash. The trash of the Pride parade was confined to only one section of the city which makes cleanup easier, but this would not be the case with the city-run festivities which would be occurring in multiple sites.

The nation’s birthday differs from a parade, in which trash builds up in a short period of time in one part of the city, and revellers on July 1 need to take responsibility for their trash, said city spokesman Rob Andrusevich.

“For Canada Day, and even moving forward, we ask people to be responsible with their litter and dispose of it properly,” Andrusevich said. “That makes the city more livable for everyone.”

He’s right, private functions are still a go, Emmerson Drive is still on at the Woodbine Raceway. :smiley:

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