Toronto Sun: Australian Driver Deliberately Killed 17 Kangaroos


Why would anyone do this?

Story here.


Just sickening.


:frowning: How tragic!


That’s some messed up stuff right there…

Gives me flashbacks to seeing a guy purposely running down a raccoon up in the mountains near my house. Granted his doing so was not malicious but was a mercy as the animal was suffering after having been previoiusly hit by another driver. But it was still shocking. My wife, who is a huge animal lover and was with me in the car, still can’t think about it to this day.


What a terrible person. When they find out who this is, they should watch him until he’s unable to get out of a bed. People that like to slaughter harmless animals often start there and kill people with no afterthought.


Watch him until he’s unable to get out of bed? :confused:

And I agree, it’s a twisted person who’d do that and it bears looking into as it could be a gateway into even more disturbing behavior by the person who perpetrated the killings.


Whoever he is, he has a truck or a vehicle with a protective grill.


The idea is that he would die in bed, ergo, watch him until he is naturally too dead to behave in that way again.



God made animals so that man can
rule over them and take care of them.
This man is abusing his rights over
these animals and taking their lives
needlessly, he’ll certainly be judged
by a merciful yet righteous and just


I didn’t want to read this article because I am an animal lover. then there was even a picture. I hope he will brag about what he did and someone will turn him in. I use masculine because I can’t see a woman doing this. it is sad they were young too. praying for justice!


Given that kangaroos are the national animal in .au, I am sure he will be brought to justice. Here in America, the equivalent is the bald eagle, and the punishments even for collecting its feathers are draconic.



In terms of being the national animal, yes Kangaroos are akin to the bald eagle. In terms of their place in the Australian environment, they’re more akin to North American deer, in that they’re often a pest animal, they’re often hit by cars accidentally, and they make a good alternative source of meat (seriously, Kangaroo meat makes an outstanding burger).

That said, killing them in this manner is not defensible in just the same way as brutally running over 17 deer on purpose in the US would not be. It just makes it even worse that they’re also a national symbol as well.


Saint Francis of Assisi, please intercede that this behavior may stop and the person engaging in it may find conversion, peace, and reconciliation in the Lord.


I’ve never understood the ban on collecting feathers as long as you’re not harming the eagle to do it. Birds do, after all, shed feathers. Native Americans have been prosecuted for it and it is a religious thing for them.


I think the logic is that it prevents creating a market which might drive poaching.


As well as discouraging human interference with the nests.




Interesting. They certainly are abundant at this point in the rural areas south of here. We have ospreys too on the Delmarva Penninsula (and elsewhere too no doubt as their range is large) - they also were endangered.


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