Torture By Sesame Street At Guantanamo Bay: Al Jazeera Reports

ARRRRGGGHHH!!! Barney!!! Is this someone’s idea of Hell???

Yikes!! then its worse than I thought!!! :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:


The shows do get rather annoying at times. (That is why I have internet :D). My 3 year old has been singing the Dinosaur A to Z song lately, but instead of saying the dinosaur names just inserts brachiosaurus for all the names.

I should go apologize to my mother. Because when I was growing up, I loved to sing, and had this Bullfrogs and Butterflies* cassette tape that I listened to for hours and hours on end, and when I wasn’t listening to it I was singing the songs. Luckily mom is tone deaf and musically challenged. :blush:

*You can apparently still buy this as a cd now. :eek: Click with extreme caution.

ugh…I hate Barney…I think that anyone on Death Row should instead be forced to watch Barney 24 hours a Day…that would be better than death…worse than death!

I love Rubber Ducky song…so please don’t call it torture. :wink:

I think that this is the biggest I can find. Bombs away!!!

Barney, say hello to some more weapons to cuddle from the Irish Army. Here is one of our reserve field artillery regiments conducting firing. We know you will like the pretty lights Barney, that’s it Barney, keep walking forward…

I see you guns and raise you a Godzilla!

I raise you two thirds of the Irish Naval Fleet:-

And a fair bit of the Russian fleet as well:-

Oh and one Batman, because with sufficient prep time he beats everyone:-


You guys are hilarious!!!

I’m surprised they used the “Bodies” song to torture prisoners, since after 9/11, they used the “Bodes” song with a terrorist montage to try to get us military people all fired up and “RAWR! Let’s go kick some terrorist butt!”

I remember sitting there thinking … “Well … that’s a bit Pavlovian. What do they expect? Are we supposed to instinctively respond by foaming at the mouth? What are we - animals?” I was amused more than anything, and a bit disgusted at the song choice.

Anyway -

Go, Diego, Go! Go, Diego, Go!
Al rescate, amigo! To the rescue, my friend!
Al rescate, amigo! To the rescue, my friend!

That’s the most palatable of all the kid shows for me. Not a big fan of Sesame Street anymore, but the old school Sesame Street was classic.

Grover and Madeline Kahn, God rest her soul -

Ha! I didn’t even notice that, I was too traumatized the paying for weddings remark.:eek:

Better then “Rubber Duckie, you’re the one…”

:frighten: Pooorrr Babies! All they have to put up with Sesame Street, but when it’s off they don’t have to listen to the little fans pitting on their faveret bits and pieces of it.:smiley:

Gee…the version I seem to remember is:
I hate you
You hate me
We’re a dysfunctional family

(and the rest is probably inappropriate for CAF)


I am sorry I thought that the version that you quote applied only to my family. :D:D:D

The key phrase from this report…

prisoners at the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base were forced to wear headphones blasting music from Sesame Street on repeat for hours or days on end.

music “blasted” through headphones for hours or days on end makes this not a laughing matter at all, but torture. It doesn’t matter what music is used.

Why isn’t there more outrage directed at a government policy that turned innocent, harmless children’s entertainment into an instrument of torture? That, to me, is diabolic.

What they’re doing is playing music loudly with heavy distortion and sometimes playing a rap song at the exact same time. Hearing something like that is unbearable

It works. :shrug: Torture isn’t meant to be painless - especially psychologically. If you can psych the interrogated victim without causing him bodily harm in the process, all the better.

It’s not at all something I would like to advocate or allow, but 1 - it is necessary for obtaining vital information from the culprits, who are 2 - enemies of the nation and are more or less at war with us due to that. If one wants to be at war with the U.S. then one is more than welcome to the repercussions that come with such a position.

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