Torture scandal in Mexico: American "nearly beaten to death"

**MEXICO CITY (AP) — Ronald James Wooden flexes the large blacksmith’s hands with which he once forged everything from large chandeliers to intricate jewelry. He’s says he is still regaining feeling in them three years after a four-hour beating with fists and rifle butts by municipal police in southern Mexico.

The officers tightened his handcuffs and then stood on them to inflict maximum damage to his hands, said Wooden, 46, who had set up a workshop in the hills outside the silver-mining city of Taxco along with his Mexican-born wife. Police detained him for allegedly disturbing the peace, but Wooden says the beating arose from a dispute with his neighbor, a former cop who claimed to belong to a local drug cartel.**

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scandals seem to be quite common in Mexico as is torture.

It’s really kind of sad how out-of-control the police are in Mexico. For over 20 years we used to go to Mexico every year in April . Four years ago we were shook down by the police on the way to the airport and have not been back since

How tragic!

Praying that he will regain feeling in his hands again.

Must be how so many black people feel in this country…but they can’t decide to not come back…

Seems a bit uncharitable to imply that American blacks are routinely tortured by American police officers.

And equally uncharitable is the all too often quick dismissal of the realities of racism in America.

If you want to see real racism, listen to how many blacks think and talk about whites who have done nothing to them. This country is not overly racist just because Obama and the media are trying to drum that into your heads.

I don’t think there’s ANY police department in the United States today that could possibly be considered to be on this level.

The federal government says 43 college students who disappeared in 2014 in Iguala were kidnapped by corrupt municipal police and turned over to Guerreros Unidos, which supposedly killed them.

I’m disgusted that these things happen in a country next door to us. I think that POLITICS has kept the United States from making a bigger issue of this.

It seems that the US picks and chooses who it condemns for human rights abuses (North Korea, Ethiopia, Russia) and who it turns a blind eye to (China, Mexico)… Although the latter group could be much larger, can anyone tell me what China and Mexico have in common; and how that could play a significant role in the United States not speaking out on their heinous human rights records?

When my daughter goes to Mexico on business for her company she is met by an armored limousine and a guard. Things are a lot worst in Mexico than most people realiize.

Yes, the police in the US do not abduct large groups of people and execute them. However, we know that individuals may be killed by a police officer, and who then plants evidence to justify the murder.

And we know that the police sometimes torture the people they arrest, in an attempt to extract a confession.

It is really a different world in some parts of Mexico, I have a family member that is a corporate lawyer for an american company that has a factory in a rural area of Mexico, apparently all the american companies with factories in cartel territory are forced into paying ‘monthly operating fees’ to the local police/ cartels, and he was part of the team that had to ‘negotiate’.

that would be my last trip also! I dont even like my family going to Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco - in Sonora.

Since I didn’t do that, I’m not sure why you’re responding to me.

Do you think many or most individuals killed by the police have evidence planted on to justify their murder or do you think it’s an extremely rare occurrence that shouldn’t be used to tar all police officers?

Why does Mexico act like a totalitarian nation?

I do not want to tar all US police officers with the actions of a few. On the other hand, we shouldn’t whitewash the actions of all cops, painting them as if they are always on the side of the law.

Any profession can have individuals who step outside the bounds of justice. Torture, murder, extortion etc need to be condemned, no matter who is the culprit. I am sure we agree on that. We also agree that the number of such incidents is low. However, we need to stay awake to the possibility that they are happening.

Being a police officer, in the US, is a difficult and dangerous job. The police need our support and deserve our respect. They are not entitled to uncritical acceptance of everything they do.

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