Tory anti-contraception policy sparks uproar from opposition

Tory anti-contraception policy sparks uproar from opposition
John Ibbitson

Ottawa — From Thursday’s Globe and Mail
Furious opposition critics are accusing the Conservative government of infecting Canadian foreign policy with right-wing religious conservatism.

They are infuriated by the Harper government’s decision to not fund contraception as part of its initiative to improve Third World maternal care.

Aid agencies “have lived this nightmare before, with George Bush, where there is no access to condoms, no access to contraception,” said Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett outside the House of Commons Wednesday.

“What happens if you don’t provide contraception, there will be … many more women in [the] position that you do not save lives by not preventing the pregnancies in the first place.”

“ Is Canada's signature initiative at the G8 going to be the ‘no condoms for Africa' strategy? ”— Jack Layton, NDP Leader

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made maternal health a signature issue at the coming G8 summit, asking fellow members to work at improving the health of Third World women after they have children.

But Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon confirmed this week that there would be no funding to promote contraception, on the grounds that the extra money is intended “to save lives.”

Experts say there is overwhelming evidence that having fewer children improves maternal health and raises living standards. But the American administration of George W. Bush prohibited funding for family-planning programs overseas. Reversing the order was one of U.S. President Barack Obama’s first acts.

“Is Canada’s signature initiative at the G8 going to be the ‘no condoms for Africa’ strategy?” Jack Layton asked Wednesday in the House of Commons.

In answering critics, Bev Oda, Minister of International Co-operation, refused to discuss the question of contraception.

“When we know what we can do by providing clean water, vaccinations, better nutrition, as well as the most effective … training of health-care workers and improving access for those women, that is what we are going to do,” she told the House.

A government official speaking on background insisted the opposition was distorting the government’s position. Canada already funded family-planning measures, including contraception, the official said.

The new funding would be for other programs, where extra effort was needed. The minister, however, was not available to offer that explanation.

For now, an initiative aimed at helping women abroad is enraging some women at home, who believe religious conservatism should be confined to Tea Parties and Fox News, and never become a part of Canada’s policy on international aid.

The Left is normally even more fervent about their ideology of abortion and contraception than the jihadists are about theirs.

This sure is an interesting time in Canadian politics. Usually it’s just lighter fluffy stories, but now we’re getting some deep politics. I hope Harper stands his ground.

This is good news… a step for life. Those countries that have pushed contraception have paid a steep price in AIDS and other STD rates, besides an even worse push and adoption of the abortion when they fail. Any step away from them is a good step. We are killing off our future in so many Western countries. I for one wish they could ban them.

Harper is a Protestant Evangelist not a wishy washy cino politician.He stood his ground and

He is a protestant, but he is not an evangelist.

I commend him on his stance against abortion…but I almost had a lot of respect for him. He should have stuck to his guns about the birth control. But I suppose I should try to look at the good his stand has done. I only hope he has the courage to continue. Let’s all keep him in our daily intentions. In fact, let’s say a rosary for him.


I personally think he’s the best Prime Minister we’ve had since Laurier.Diefenbaker and Pearson can’t really stand the test of time but Lester got a Nobel Peace Prize and Deifenbaker had some of the best insults ever heard in the House of Commons and defended the West vi oviferously but he cost us the Avrow Arrow and the best engineering,designing and scientific minds which went to NASA and Boeing.

Will all due respect brother…none of that matters…only his stance on God’s Law’s…I know he is a protestant…but…if he were to only stay true on this matter…let us all pray for him…


He’s a MUCH better Christian than most of the CINO Catholics we have in our Parliament.

I don’t even want to know how many cultural-Catholics we have in Parliament.

Harper? The Best?? Are you high?? The best PM of the last 50 years has been, without question, Trudeau

The one guy who aslmost destroyed us with debt?Who ushered in the liberalizing of Abortion Laws to the point where we don’t have any?Who proposed ultra liberals to the Supreme Court,an act that turned it into a leftist activist court.The guy who was best friends with Castro .The guy the Americans and others “forgot” to inform about the invasion of Grenada to boot out the Cubans and restore democracy?The guy who refered to Canadians as obtuse?The guy who totally alienated the western provinces in his toadying to his pwer base of Quebec and Ontario.The guy who caved in to Quebec on every issue to the point where they wanted to seperate.The guy whose politics encouraged the FLQ.The guy who skipped WWII and drove around Montral on his motorcycle wearing a German Helmet.The guy who brought in the War Measures Act that suspended the democratic rights of every single Canadian when the FLQ kidnappings occured.The guy who used the F.O. expletive in the house of commons?The guy who referred to the Mp’s in his party as “nobodies” and trained “seals”.The guy who pirouetted behind the sovereigns back?The guy whotried to steal Alberta’s Natural Wealth through theNEP?The guy who assaulted his own wife and demonstrators{no,not Chretien}The guy who was more well known around the world for the antics of his Rolling Stone lovin’wife and who was photographed in Studio 54 sans panties?(REAL good taste in women)That guy?

Oh,yeah,how stupid of me-He (obtusely)was da Greatest!

Your joking right? Please tell me your joking!

Actually, the Conservatives have clarified that contraception funding would be included.

I think, on the contraception issue, that it is absurd to fund women’s health programs in areas facing HIV outbreaks without providing contraception. I am more ambivalent when it comes to abortion.

My favorite Prime Minister was Chretien. Followed closely by Mulroney.

I prefer the old pill method.“Here’s a pill now hold it between your knees”

This is a joke right.I mean Chretien-the only reason he won 3 successive terms was the fact that he WASN’T Mulroney.Oh yeah,he at least brought back cheap smokes for a while but now all the other tax freaks are making the natives rich.
Mulroney who taxed and spent like a Liberal?Mulroney who through the visceral hatred of every Canadian except you destroyed his own party and blamed it on Kim Campbell?.Mulroney who took a $200,000 payment from Schreiber while STILL PM?Mulroney who brought in the GST which has lead to Frankenstein Junior,the HST?That Mulroney?Yeah,he was a real prince and certainly lived like one on our dime…He lives in Palm Springs now doesn’t he?:rolleyes:

No I am not kidding. The GST was a great idea from an economics point of view. I think that Free Trade and NAFTA were great ideas and that Mulroney was brave to push them through. I also think that Chretien was great for maintaining Mulroney’s economic reforms and balancing the budgets.

One of my biggest gripes against Harper is that he cut the GST.

One interesting thing I’ve read is that women in third world countries are discouraged by aid workers from breast feeding their children, which negatively affects the natural spacing they would have between children, and increases their dependence on the pill.

Does anyone know if this is so?

I wouldn’t say that in public if I were you,especially anywhere that had industry and manufacturing that fled to the U.S.,then Mexico,leaving behind McJobs.We just lost the largeest employer in Welland who paid decent wages to Mexico where the workers will earn$5.00 per day.
Chretien didn’t balance the budget,Martin did and they hated each other’s guts.Chretien who ran in an election on the platform of tossing out the GST and then"changing his mind"Who never intended to drop it but knew it was a sure vote getter that crushed the conservatives?
That sterling fellow who should have faced charges of personal corruption for an invovement with a golf course swindle?The guy who was ultimately responsible for the Multi-Billion dollar Boondoggle that he left Martin holding the bag for.The guy who was responsible for the Long Gun Registry which was supposed to cost $3M but cost $3Billion+ and didn’t take one gun out of one criminals hands but penalised Duck hunters and Deer Hunters and treated gunowners like criminals?

Thank God you only have one vote.Please,don’t exercise it.

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