Tory whip removed from 21 MPs including Father of the House of Commons Ken Clarke and Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames

It is taking the British a long time and a lot of discussions that go nowhere to make up their minds about what to do about the EU. It is possible that there will be another extension to January 31, 2020. But will the situation then be any better from what they have now?
I was watching a live broadcast of the discussions today and I see an MP talking and giving the reasons why he believes such about Brexit. But all the while, it seems like not many MP’s are paying the slightest attention to what he is saying. There is constant rumbling and noise in the background with MP’s talking to one another about who knows what.

I’m not sure where you are from, but I am guessing it’s not the UK! I have to tell you, this kind of behaviour is more or less the norm in the House of Commons. The House of Lords is a bit more civilised. In fact, I say it’s more or less the norm, but what I mean is it’s more or less the norm for when there are actually that many people in the chamber. For much of the time hardly anybody attends debates and it’s quite civilised. But when there are really interesting or important debates and the chamber is packed, tradition dictates that there is so much shouting from both sides that it can be hard to follow what’s being said. In general, many MPs behave in a way that is very embarrassing. For example, Jacob Rees-Mogg lying down on the front bench or Jess Phillips ostentatiously bursting out laughing when another MP was trying to talk about rates of suicide among men in Britain during a committee. Or male MPs acting out a grotesque caricature of fondling breasts when female MPs get up to speak. Of course, there are also hundreds of decent, hard-working MPs who just get on with the job without drawing attention to themselves.

And yes, who knows how we are ever going to get out of this situation in a satisfactory way? A general election (with totally unpredictable consequences)? Another extension?

We need more world news like this on this thread. Everything is about Trump. I have no idea what this really means for the U.K. And the whole Brexit thing is confusing.

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