Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary in the Spirit of St. Louis de Montfort


Last year, I got a free copy of the “Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary in the Spirit of St. Louis de Montfort” from This year, I began preparing for the consecration as prescribed in the book but then when I read the instructions on how to consecrate myself, I found out that on the day I was supposed to do this I may not be able to go to confession. May I just go to confession some other day then do the consecration on a feast of Mary after that confession? or will I have to redo the preparation so as to go to confession as prescribed in the book? Will it still be valid if the preparation, confession, and consecration will occur on distant days?



My understanding is that you can go to confession within a few days of the consecration–preferably before. We did this a few years ago with the Legion of Mary at our parish. The priest arranged things so that there was a special confession time for those going through the consecration (and anyone else who showed up). In the book we have there is a ‘calendar’ at the beginning showing you when to start the process for each Marian feast day, so that you can be sure to time everything correctly.


The good folks at Ask an Apologist have recently answered a question on a very similar topic. Remember the de Montfort consecration is not a prescribed rite, ritual or sacrament of the Church. In other words it can’t be invalidated or celebrated in the ‘wrong’ way in the manner that sacramental or liturgical celebrations can.

As long as you have the intent to consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary, any form you use will achieve that end. Go to confession or not, use the method described by St Louis or not, do the consecration on a Marian feast day or not. It’s all good!


Thank You for the replies.:thumbsup:

That cleared my mind from some confusion due to some important medical appointments which were just scheduled recently.

Thanks again.


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