Total Consecration to Mary question.

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My name is Taylor and I am 17 years old. One of my friends is a seminarian and he told me about the True Devotion to Mary. I guess my question is, am I too young to go through with the consecration? It really feels as if I’m being drawn to this, but I’m also somewhat unsure as to exactly what it entails, so a simplified explanation would be great also. Thanks and God bless!

If you are drawn to this consecration then you are not too young for it. In my lifetime I have made it about a dozen times and it is always a great blessing.

There are preparatory prayers for 12 days, which is Part I.

Part II Theme is “Knowledge of Self”. At this time prayers of Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit are said, and specific scripture readings. (7 days).

The Theme of Part III is “Knowledge of Mary”, with appropriate prayers. (7 days)

Part IV Theme is “Knowledge of Jesus Christ” with appropriate prayers and readings. (7 days).

All of those prayers together take 33 days. At the end of that time you make the Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Making this consecration many times has been a great blessing, and brings one into a deeper prayer life.
It is a great renewal.

Here is a site where the book can be purchased:

On my group The Association of Mary Queen of all Hearts, we have links to read True Devotion and The Secret of Mary online. Also many websites provide the preparatory prayers.
Basically you’re giving everything to Mary as her slave. To Jesus through Mary.
It means you don’t direct your good works for any intentions it’s all up to Mary where the benefit of all your deeds past present and future go

Also there’s more to it like all your prayers go through her. Everything is done through her

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