Totally embarassed at Mass on Sunday

So, our church is undergoing some renovations, so last Sunday and for the next few Sundays, Mass will be held in the gym of the school.
So, of course, there’s no cry room.
I still thought ‘Well, I should still at least give it the old college try’ with my twin two year olds.
I was VERY excited that they had made it all the way to the consecration of the Eucharist!
They just sat with their books, and I gave them each a sucker, and they were doing very well, until…
Father held up the chalice and Twink #2 yelled ‘WATER!’ and started booking it up towards the altar. I knew her plans - she does the same thing at home - she was going to make a grab for that chalice!
I had Twink #1 on my lap so it took me a second to get the one of my lap and get after the other one. So, I grab Twink #2 and start heading back to our chairs and now Twink #1 thinks this is positively THE BEST game ever and runs up one of the side aisles screaming ‘ME THIRSTY!’, so now I’m dragging Twink #1 across the floor in an effort to get to Twink #2 before she does the same thing.
So, now I have them both by the hands, and they’ve lost it, it’s game over for us, there’s no ‘sitting’ that’s going to take place now.
We can’t leave the building - my purse and their bag o’ diapers are still in our chair, so I take them down the hallway.
Then sister came and tried to help us by opening up one of the classrooms for us. She opens the door and what do we see, but two TRAMPOLINES!!
I was able to flip those upside down and the girls just kind of bounced off the walls in the room until Mass was over and then we went back in and gathered our stuff, but still…
I think while the church is under renovation it will be a good time for me to visit some of the OTHER area churches - with a cry room!!!:thumbsup:

I have to say though I am so grateful for the priest that we have.
He saw me after Mass and said 'Bless you for bringing the children. And bless you for being fast!'

This is hilarious! :rotfl: Maybe next time hold their hands during the entire service.:shrug:

As a mom, I understand your embarrassment. As a grandma, I think that is a cute story and you should not be embarrassed. I think your kids did great to make it to that point before giving in to impulse.

God bless you for making every effort to bring your kids to Mass.

So nice to have a priest with a good sense of humor. We are blessed with such a priest at our parish as well.

Hi rwillenborg, I have to say will reading you’re post i could picture the scene in my head and i can imagine how embarassing it was for you, but it did make me laugh:rotfl: as i’m sure it did to some of those at mass that day and also probably brought back memories of when their children were young and the embarassing things that happened to them whilst at mass. It will also be something to tell them when they’re older which i can assure you children love nothing more than to hear about what funny or embarassing thing’s they did as youngsters. God bless

As I’ve said several times, in our small community there are about 20 toddlers AND younger.

As a result there is a constant undertone of gurgling, cooing, and babbling during Liturgy–to say nothing about a procession young mothers inning and outing with their offspring.

I don’t mind it at all.

After all, it’s THEIR Church, too!

I’m sure that such as what your twins did has happened many times in the 2000 year history of the Church–even in the Apostolic era.

As a parent of 2 1/2 year old, I know what you must have felt like, but I still can’t help but find your tale rather funny. :o Especially when you got to the classroom only to find two trampolines (one for each of them)! Classic. :smiley:

Oh honey, don’t worry about it! I LOVE your priest for saying that to you! He’s a gem.

Trust me… any mother or father in the room understands. The only ones who don’t are the ones who don’t have kids, or who have gotten too old and intolerant to remember what it was like. Don’t let them worry you.

I have been a Lector for years. Soon after I gave birth to my third child, I was doing a reading. DH had the baby in his arms and the other two next to him. Well, my son, who was a little more than 2 at the time, decided that he NEEDED to be with Mommy. DH could not grab him fast enough with the baby in his arms. So my little boy walked out of the pew, up the aisle, and right up to the altar steps to me in the ambo. As I was supposed to sit down in a chair behind the ambo through the Responsorial Psalm and then get up again to do the second reading, I had to keep him with me all through that, and make him sit in the chair while I read. Then I took him by the hand and led him back down to the pew. I wanted to DIE, but Father was so cool about it. I tell ya, that makes all the difference. :smiley:

You are out numbered Mom, by two to one. Can’t wait to see them when they drive! :juggle:

I totally agree with this comment…as a mom we say Oh no look what they did. As a gramma we say Yes, but look how they did it! This will be one of those memorable stories that you will always tell…

:rotfl: I understand your embarrassment but it is such a funny and cute story! Thank you for sharing, it brought me a much needed smile today!

Poor thing! I can understand you being embarrassed. :o

I’m glad I wasn’t there: I would have laughed and been so distracted.:stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s one thing when Twink #1 and Twink #2 are adorable babies, but if they were, say, 12 and 13 years old… we would not be laffing with you at all!:mad:

**"But when Jesus saw it he was indignant, and said to them, "Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God. " **(Mk 10:14)

**Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!

God our Father, Jesus His Son and His Blessed Mother Mary, must all be laughing in Heaven along with those of us here in exile!**

May God Bless your Priest and your children and you for this beautiful post, you made my day!!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


The first time I took my wiggly, spirited, energetic 3 1/2 year old to mass…

He didn’t run…
he didn’t cry…
he didn’t hold COMPLETELY still, but he did pretty well…
everything was going ok…
Until the blessing of the Eucharist…and the bells…
When my little man, in a NOT so little a voice, cries out:

I wanted so badly to belly crawl under the pews and out the door…you have no idea…

(And they are still taking me into RCIA at St. Timothy’s in San Mateo…God bless them!)

This was really unnecessary. Her kids aren’t 12 or 13 yet, and I am sure she’ll have taught them to behave better at Mass by then! Why did you feel the need to add this angry little aside?

Your story reminds me of an amusing scene I saw in my parish a few years ago. A young woman had toddler twin boys at Mass, and they were in some way misbehaving. She had had enough, and put one tucked in one arm and the other tucked in the other arm, and marched down the center aisle to take them out of church, looking like she was carrying two footballs! I know she was just mortified, but really, anyone who has been a mother completely understands!

We need more babies crying and toddlers loose at Mass.

Lots more. Tons more.

Jesus loved the children.

Don’t be embarassed.

That story is great.

God Bless you!

Eddie Mac

Don’t despair, Jesus is there! He is giving you a special share in His Passion during the Memorial of His Death - you are truly blessed! Offer it up (it’s never too late) to Him in union with His sufferings on the Cross for all the intentions of His Sacred Heart :wink:

How funny. If I had been there, I probably would have gotten up to catch one of them for
you. So far, little kids come to me without crying, probably can sense that I love kids.
(None of my grandkids are around, they live out of town.)
When my twins (now grown and also girls) were about 18 months old, I walked out to say
good bye to our guests and the twins were beside me. All of a sudden, without a word,
they took off for the busy street, each in a different directions. I couldn’t think which way
to go so I yelled," STOP " at the top of my lungs and they both immediately stopped in
their tracks. I don’t think I have ever yelled so loud in my whole life! Probably was the
closest to having a heart attack, too.! LOL

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Children are so great for teaching us humility. :thumbsup:

My little one was sitting quietly during the Eucharistic prayers when he was two. Right when Father said, “Jesus broke the bread and said to His Apostles…” my son chimed up, “I think I can, I think I can!” I nearly died from embarassment and holding back my laughter.

And just this summer, at the ripe and wisened age of five, he tried to join me at the ambo while I was cantoring the Psalm. With no other adult there to run interference, I just had to subtly wave him off without missing a beat (literally :D).

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