Touched by a Catholic: 45 percent in US feel connected to Catholicism

(RNS) Sam Clark wasn’t born Catholic. He never converted, either.

Yet Clark, 50, of Carson City, Mich., likes Pope Francis — “the most ecumenical pope in my lifetime.” The church’s teachings also appeal to Clark, who has many Catholic relatives and friends.

Like 45 percent of U.S. adults, he’s “Catholic-connected,” according to an innovative look at the spectrum of American Catholicism that Pope Francis will encounter this month on his first U.S. visit.

Praying that The Holy Spirit and
in the company of the angels and saints,
The Holy Father, when he touches ground in the US
is protected, and safe.
But also, that his words pierce the darkness
of souls and the darkness of the lies of the media
and Truth prevails.

55% more to go! :thumbsup:

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