Touched by the Holy Spirit

I am a practising catholic, im 19 years of age and still not very sure what to do with the rest of my life. I have always been a staunch beleiver in God and defended the existence of Jesus Christ to non-beleivers, however sometimes i found out that i was a target to watching pornography, and the devil somehow manages to lure me into it.
I knew that this was an immoral act and sometimes i can resist it for a while, even to the point (after confession) that i thought that it was out of my life for good, boy was i wrong. i simply couldn’t help myself, i usually pray to God for help, it did work, but as soon as i stopped i found that it was imposible for me to resist and in the end i was involved again,
however one night after arguing with my self to indulge in porography, i resisted and instead came onto this forum to inspire me to give it up for good. I started thinking about the preisthood and how i would much like to be a priest. the urge became stronger by the minute. when i finally went to bed i told myself i wanted to be a preist, but i was really talking to Jesus, then i cried out in astonishment, 'i’m sorry jesus for my sins, forgive me, forgive me", and then i started to cry (i never cry) very hard, however i felt a huge amount of joy come out of me, my heart leaped out in joy and was beating like crazy and my tears turned into tears of joy ( they literally pured out).
I have never experienced such joy in my life, and i knew God had just touched my heart becasue i straight away got out of bed and started to pray and thanking God for his unlimited mercifull love towards us.
This experience has left me pondering seriously about joining a seminar, i just have to have the courage to tell my family and friends.

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you had an amazing experience. There is a sub-forum devoted to vocations - also under “Catholic Living”. There are others discussing discerning vocations, which may be helpful to you. God Bless you, I will be praying for you.

Welcome to the forum. Your experience is sometimes called a Baptism in the Spirit. I had a similar experience back 32 years ago. I never looked back toward my old way of living.

As far as the priesthood goes, seek out a religious order and ask them to help you with discernment.

In Christ

Greetings Pawel and welcome to the forums!
I had a very similar experience one night when I felt very, very sorry for the sins of my past life and cried like a big baby. But like you I also felt great joy and I really began to understand the parable of the prodigal son. If you haven’t read it recently, I’d recommend you do.

May God bless you in your discernment.


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