Touching myself in non-masturbatory way is it a Mortal Sin


Is touching my private parts in a non-masturbatory way mortally sinful or venially sinful? Originally when I was struggling with my masturbation addiction (which I’m making good success in overcoming it, but I’m not completely free form it yet) I would, let’s just say use physical force to resist it, which no doubt is not a good idea but is it mortally sinful? Other times, including this morning, I wasn’t using physical resistance but once or twice I touched myself in a non-masturbatory way. Are they both mortally sinful? Is one mortally sinful? Or is one mortally sinful and one venially sinful? I confessed the resistance part and am trying not to do it any more.

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Hail Mary


No, it isn’t sinful. If it’s in a “non-masturbatory” way, then it isn’t masturbation so it isn’t a mortal sin.



No sin at all.

Necessary for cleanliness.


Not sinful at all; especially where there has been no 'intention. to sin.


I think you might be overanalyzing a bit. It’s good that you’re trying to overcome masturbation, but seriously, if you’re wracking your brain every time you touch your genitals, you need to relax. There are a million reasons you might have to touch yourself that have nothing to do with masturbation (taking a shower, going to the bathroom, medical care, adjusting your clothing, etc.)


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