Touching tears

Has anyone experience the heart being moved and touching tears coming out?

I am discerning the religious vocation, bcoz I heard Mary invited me to give up worldly things (and to follow God?)… the discernment took me a few months already, however, I am attracted to money earning these weeks again and busy with my own business and wanted to have a better life, and because i dunno how I should act, thus spent fewer times in prayer and bible reading…

In these months, I experienced much including the Love from God, communication with God, comforting and guidance from God, and curing from God…

I am doing service at church these months too, and attend mass every Sunday as usual. However, Yesterday when I attend mass, my heart is so moved during the whole mass and I was so hard to control my tears coming out, my heart overwhelmed with God’s Love. I feel that - God loves us so much, God is too perfect, too beautiful… My heart is being touched by Him spiritually.

Does anyone experienced that you can’t control your tears suddenly? what happened to me? Does it mean God wanna call me back to Him? (because I spent less time in prayer, bible reading and further from discernment recently)


I was at Mass once during a low time in life and felt the touching tears you describe as well as an overwhelming feeling of forgivness and love. I have never experienced anything like it before or since.

I felt God wanted me to know he still loved me and cared for me and was a forgiving, merciful God. I was ready to give up on the faith.

It also gave me a newfound appreciation for my Catholic faith for some reason and I just left the Church feeling that “I love being Catholic!” This happened right after I was looking at a staue of Jesus after Holy Communion.

I’m not sure if God was giving you a particular “sign” of some kind or not but I will pray for your life discernment.


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