Tough Breakup

I just recently broke up with my long term boyfriend because he decided drinking was more important to him. I am trying to have faith in God’s plan for me but I feel so hollow and suffering. I would appreciate in anyone knew of some prayers or has any suggestions.
Thank you :shrug:

I emphatize with you however I am the last person to give any advise. Now, prayer I’m good at, so I’ll be praying for your.

May the Holy Spirit give you peace in your heart.

God bless

jesus g

Hey, Diana. Realise that breakups are relatively plenty, they aren’t really unique. One may feel like it was the sole last chance or the only such chance in one’s life etc. In reality, the feeling will repeat itself with almost every break-up.

He could be a “perfect” guy without the drinking, he could have decided to quit but he didn’t. That’s something you can’t change. You can pray for him but you can’t just make it. Some things in life are outside our control. Life would be extremely sad if we kept focusing on things we can’t change. Plus, a perfect guy with huge flaws is overall not such a perfect guy.

There are possibly many such opportunities lost because of people not wanting to change certain bad aspects of their lives. This is not to judge them but to say once more than some things are outside your control and while the lost opportunity may feel horrible, it’s not that you really had the opportunity. You didn’t. The opportunity you had was to be with a great guy who had a drinking problem, not to be with that same guy without a drinking problem. If you have an apple with a worm in it, that apple with that worm inside is the only apple you have, there isn’t really a lost opportunity to have an equally nice, pretty, inviting juicy apple without the worm because you only ever had it with that worm inside.

Hi Diana, I can symphtize with you as at the present I to am going though a break up. Strange why we count the day since we saw them last. I keep getting a melancholy feeling that starts deep in side me and move to my head or vice versa. As I prayed to ride me of these feeling I came to understand they were not going to go away all that fast. Then for what ever reasone I started to look foward to these feeling because when I do get them I now pray not for myself but for something else such as (The Right To Life, The Souls of Purgatory, ect,ect) after that I felt I was being very shallow in my own thoughts as Im sure the Good Lord has bigger concerns at this time then my relationships. Well I will pray for you and hope this helps. Your Friend :wink:

Hope it will be better for you as time goes by, I will be praying for you to have peace in your heart.

Well, I can’t suggest ways to get over people because I don’t get over people easily myself. But I find the Rosary and Bible-reading to be major sources of comfort. I hope you feel better soon and that you find someone amazing. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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