Tough times call for 'New Age'

This article was on the cover of the Star Ledger’s H&G section today. … argh…



And your link is funny. An extra http at the start makes things a little tricky.

Here is a working link:

And this will give you a taste for what the article is about:

Like Reynolds, who is a Wiccan, a growing number of Jerseyans are exploring alternate routes to their spiritualilty – rather than joining a church, synagogue or mosque – to cope with the economic tailspin. While she’s been studying the stars and worshiping the earth for decades, there are plenty of novices shopping for inner wisdom at New Age stores and botanicas.

“People are looking for something,” says Kim Sandak, owner of Whispers of Enlightenment, a New Age store in Hewitt. She reports healthy sales since she opened in October.

Sandak continues, “They’re coming in saying, ‘My friend told me that crystals help.’ I’ll sit down and talk to them and they feel better, just because they have somebody that’s listening that’s nonjudgmental.”

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