Toward Jerusalem Council II

Seems that all those Church Councils beginning with the one in Acts 15 never got it right.

Messianic Jews, along with Protestant Christians, want to start all over with a new council in Jersusalem for the sake of Jewish believers in Christ.

That’s fine; I’m sure the Catholic Church can go back to pre-Nicea status…at least for the sake of ecumenism…:smiley:

Pretty utopian, but what’s wrong with it?

Browsing through the website, they have an explanation of the history of Messianic Judasiam.

Particulary poignant is section 5, entitled “The Unity of the Movement.” Cliffsnote summary: There ain’t none. The MJ’s mirror the fragmentation of American protestants, though the MJ’s have some of their own unique areas of disagreement.

Sounds like, if they ever do get together, they’ll spend all their time arguing over their differences.:frowning:

JohnPaul0: Sounds like, if they ever do get together, they’ll spend all their time arguing over their differences.

Gee, where have I heard that uttered before…:rolleyes:

Well, we know that it wasn’t at Jerusalem Council I because they had [Jewish, by the way] Peter presiding! :clapping:

Hey bud, maybe you haven’t heard that while Peter was the rock, the apostles had no power to pass on to their authority to successors and we were all on our own after the last apostle died!

That’s when the whore of babylon came along…

sorry, I was channeling Tim LaHay

Maybe because the question was already answered.

I’ll stick with the decisions of the apostles

Hey, you had me going there! Thought I had stepped on a snake! :eek:

sinister chuckle

If you’re a jew, plenty.

Valke Council I will be dedicated toward establishing an enviornment where gentiles can convert to Judaism and still where crosses as jewelry and keep Sunday as the sabbath, as long as they renounce Jesus as God and the Messiah.

Clever and Funny!!:smiley:

It really puts things into perspective. Either you are or you aren’t a Jew or a Christian.


I guess I shouldn’t bother discussing membership dues with you :slight_smile:

Heh-heh. No, I’ll won’t be exchanging my dollars for shekels anytime soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, even as I was typing my “either/or” comment above, I was thinking about a group within the Catholic Church. I finally did a search and came up with the Association of Hebrew Catholics.

The website has tons of stuff, and I’ve only skimmed a bit. Probably to your eyes they are the same as MJ’s, but I wonder about your opinion. One big difference from my perspective is that they consider themselves to be Catholic, and they follow the teachings of the Church, but I gather that they strive to maintain their *ethnic *identity as Hebrews as opposed to their *religious *identity as Jews.

So, they call themselves “Hebrew Catholics” like I calls meself an Irish one.

Whadda ya think?


Still sounds strange to me. However, if they are not actively seeking Jews to join the church and pitching it as a type of Judaism, then I would say it is different from the typical MJ. Also, they are not an “independent” movement keeping up a pretense of being Jewish. They are firmly catholic and part of the Church. So I would say they are different from MJ.


I doubt that they’ll get an invitation to Jersusalem II, either !

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