Toxic shock on the rise

Saw an interesting article that talks about how there’s starting to be more cases of TSS again. I figured the women and moms here should know about this reemergence.

Time passes; a new generation of young women grows up. What was once a major story fades away.

Do we systematically teach adolescent girls/young women about toxic shock syndrome? About what causes it? About how to prevent/avoid the problem?

This isn’t rocket science…but it depends on knowledge. If women have no idea that bacterial growth can be a problem – because nobody has taught them that! – then they have no reason not to go for the longest-lasting, most absorbent product on the market. And fine print on a box somewhere isn’t “teaching,” it’s CYA legalese.

Talk to your daughters. If you’ve educated them generally, they should have enough knowledge of biology to understand about bacteria and bacterial toxins.

God Bless!

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