Toyota preparing to move U.S. sales headquarters to West Plano, sources say


From the Dallas Morning News:
Worldwide automotive giant Toyota plans to move a big chunk of its U.S. headquarters from California to West Plano.
Toyota is negotiating to purchase an office site in Legacy business park where it would locate more than 4,000 workers.
The automotive manufacturer has been in talks for months with real estate owners and developers in Plano, real estate brokers familiar with the project say.
Toyota plans to seek incentives from the City of Plano and the State of Texas for the move, which is scheduled to be announced on Monday.
Bloomberg News reported Sunday that the move will involve “substantial parts” of Toyota’s U.S. headquarters located in Torrance, near Los Angeles. The operations there have thousands of workers who handle sales, finance, marketing, engineering and product planning for the automaker.
Toyota is moving the jobs out of California to seek lower operating costs, Bloomberg quoted sources.

I imagine that this type of thing will be happening more and more as California continues imposing ever increasing anti-business policies.

Just makes me wonder when California will pass a law prohibiting businesses from leaving the state (no sarcasm intended or implied)


Maybe Toyota can cut wages in half, eliminate health care insurance and increase profits for the 1%. God Bless Texas. I’m sure many of their workers will end up on food stamps.






Real Americans don’t drive, or make, Japanese cars anyway, right?:smiley:


Do you really believe this silliness?

They are paying to relocate the current workers (they couldn’t afford to lose 4,000 people with their collective experience, knowledge, and skills). Do you think those 4,000 people will agree to relocate their families to also have their salaries cut in half?!?!?! Really???

And do you think they would also move if their health insurance was being cut? (which will be illegal next year anyway under Obamacare).

I also need to ask you about your 1% comment. Do you know who owns Toyota? (or is your comment just knee-jerk reflexive talking points?)

Face it, California kept making it so costly and burdernsome to run a business that a huge company would rather move an entire division than stay where they are. Think about how much expense that incurs. And they would rather spend a HUGE sum of money just to escape the “paradise” of California.


Like I said God Bless the 1%. Don’t you worry as soon as those workers get to Texas that pay cut is coming and the dropping of Health insurance for all those employees will save the company about 24 million per year.

Do you know that about 2.5 million workers make the minimum wage or just a little better in Texas. None of those workers have health insurance. About 2/3 of them are on food stamps.


Are you just having a bad day or what? Why the 1% fetish?

Do you know that about 2.5 million workers make the minimum wage or just a little better in Texas. None of those workers have health insurance. About 2/3 of them are on food stamps.

And all those people have been paid by a company to move half way across the country just to make minimum wage. Right.

Texas sounds like such and evil, ugly place. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live there when the evil 1% make all the money and the other 99% are just their minions.




With all due, charity, your comments on California are generalizations, or you know the facts of the political-economic philosophies of the state based on your in depth study of California from Florida?

Just saying, maybe if you don’t live here, don’t vote here, don’t invest here, you might want to reserve your focus on critiquing the problems in the area where you do! :shrug:


Or one could say that data available to everyone bears this out instead of just saying “since you don’t live here, you don’t know.”

2014, State Business Tax Climate, California, #48, in fact, Texas is only at #11 but surely has an infrastructure that would be attractive.

California, Economic Freedom, #48; while in turn, Texas is at #14.


Fair enough…so do you have any suggestions, or just a commentary on the dire state of California?


I don’t know, folks, but when Nissan moved its headquarters from S. Cali to Tennessee, only 20% of its employees chose to move. Toyota is consolidating all of its U.S. operations into one location. This is not just its Cali HQ. Honda is possibly next to leave.


No, to be charitable, I was not offering a commentary on the dire state of California. I was just saying this in response to your assertion:

Just saying, maybe if you don’t live here, don’t vote here, don’t invest here, you might want to reserve your focus on critiquing the problems in the area where you do!

Texas in turn isn’t even in the top 10 in those stats as well. I stated that. It doesn’t mean I was making a commentary on the dire state of Texas.


I see that you’re unable to respond to actual points. Please do explain how Toyota will be able to drop health insurance for these 4,000 workers when it will be illegal under Obamacare? Also, please explain how the company would retain these employees if they cut their pay drastically and cut their health insurance. I want to hear a real response and not more canned talking points.

And please give a citation for your 2.5 million claim. And the food stamp claim as well. Last I saw, official stats from the BLS noted about 450k in Texas made minimum wage. And of those making minimum wage, half are in the food/entertainment industry where they receive tips in addition to their pay (so they really aren’t earning minimum wage), and 1/3 are teenagers (those with no job skills and just entering the workforce).

Please back up your wild claims.


It doesn’t take a huge amount of study to see that California is a nightmare for businesses and the tax burden is ridiculous. Add in the fiscal insanity and the impending economic trouble from the coming govt bankruptcies, and CA is not a welcoming place for business. I don’t see why one needs to be a resident or investor in CA to have an informed opinion about the state.


For the record, I live in a State where the so-called business environment is not that welcoming yet, jobs-wise, there are a lot of jobs and unemployment is among the lowest in the nation. These factors all should be considered without taking it to a personal level. Cities have declared bankruptcy in California I thought, that has been in the news. These are just the cold hard facts, not something people are manufacturing. Our State Government is a bit of a boogeyman too and a lot of the problems seem to stem from government overreach.


I don’t want to confuse you with facts, but there have been 21 municipalities filing for bankruptcy since 2010, 4 in California, and 17 throughout the rest of the nation (most in the heartland and industrial east)…So, 81% of these filings are outside California.

Now, to make a more important point, let’s get back to the bankruptcy filings of municipalities in the heartland…this is an indication of corporate take over of faming by corporations that spans over a half century…it has nothing to do with a state’s own failed business policies.

The destruction of family farms is more detrimental to who we are than a Japanese owned factory relocating!

Toyota leaving California is the small tip of a huge iceberg. But, people don’t see the forest for the trees, and instead of looking at bad economic decisions by the federal government over many years, the knee jerk reaction is to say it all as occurred in the last few years.


List of Bankruptcy Filings Since January 2010

All Municipal Bankruptcy Filings: 38

General-Purpose Local Government Bankruptcy Filings (8):
– City of Detroit
– City of San Bernardino, Calif.
– Town of Mammoth Lakes, Calf. (Dismissed)
– City of Stockton, Calif.
– Jefferson County, Ala.
– City of Harrisburg, Pa. (Dismissed)
– City of Central Falls, R.I.
– Boise County, Idaho (Dismissed)

Stockton and San Bernadino likely have lots of people. Everyone knows Detroit had problems, government spending, Unions, didn’t even one of their former-Mayors go to jail? I actually don’t see a lot of the heartland here. It would be nice to actually backup information.

California Unemployment holding at 8.1% but no matter how it is counted, Unemployment is a huge problem for a lot of the country right now. I myself would not single out California except to say it is a little higher there than some other parts of the country.,0,6373180.story




I too would like some substantiation on the claim that it’s farm towns that are the bankruptcy municipalities. Can’t recall hearing of any, actually. Farm towns rarely have bloated staffs, massive rolls of retired workers, sprawling infrastructure obligations, etc. Heck, many of them still don’t even have centralized water and sewer systems, still relying on individual wells and septic systems owned and maintained by property owners.

My wife is from the rural part of Illinois and while those folks indeed went through some very hard decades, they never had all that much to begin with. They never did the California thing and went on municipal spending binges.


Additionally, Texas is a lot more affordable than California. Housing, food, and taxes are all lower in Texas.

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