Trace amounts of melamine found in 1 formula sample

Yes, I started this thread on the Family Life forum, but since this is a public health issue and there are many parents with young children on this forum, I feel that this information should be widely disseminated.

This is not looking good.

If you know any parents with infant children, be sure to let them know.

A single sample of infant formula has tested positive for trace amounts of the toxic contaminant melamine, the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday.

Of 77 samples tested, one contained melamine, FDA spokeswoman Judy Leon told CNN. A trace amount is defined as less than 250 parts per billion, she said.

Last month, the FDA set the safety threshold for melamine at 2,500 parts per billion for foods other than infant formula. The agency said it did not have enough data to set a safety threshold for infants.

Full story here.

And on Fox News as well.

Very scary. As if parents (or anyone for that matter) needed anything else to worry about right now… :frowning:


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