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One can find the subject of Lost Tribes of the House of Israel discussed in every renowned encyclopedia, but the pioneer to write on this subject is PromisedMessiahImamMahdi 1835-1908. It is true that the first and primary source on “Jesus did not die on Cross” - rather Jesus was not killed on Cross and later died naturally in India is the pristine Word of God revealed on the PromisedMessiahImamMahdi. Later he formed a committee to investigate in the matter whose members went to the areas where such traces could be found. Promised Messiah has mentioned detail of this from historic records in his book “Jesus in India”, I give hereunder a relevant excerpt from it for the interest of the members:
**On the evidence from books of history
which show that the coming of Jesus to
the Punjab and neighboring territories was inevitable **
"The question naturally arises, why Jesus after his escape from the Cross, came to this country what induced him to take such a long journey? It becomes necessary to answer this question in some detail. I have already said something about it, nevertheless, I think it would be helpful to set out the entire topic in this book.
Let it be noted, therefore, that it was extremely necessary, by reasons of his office as a divine messenger, for Jesus (on whom be peace) to have journeyed towards the Punjab and its neighbourhood, for the ten tribes of Israel, who in the Gospels have been called the Lost Sheep of Israel, had migrated to this country, a fact which is not denied by an historian. It was necessary, therefore, that Jesus (on whom be peace) should have journeyed to this country and, after finding the Lost Sheep, he should have conveyed to them his divine message.
If he had not done so, his purpose would have remained unfulfilled, for his mission was to preach to the Lost Sheep of Israel; his passing away from the world without seeking these lost sheep and, after finding them, teaching them the way to salvation, would have been like the case of a man who had been charged by his king to go to a wild tribe in order to dig a well and supply them with water, but who goes instead to some other place, spends three or four years there and takes no steps to search for the tribe. Does such a man carry out the command of the king? No, not in the least; the man cares not for that tribe: he merely looks to his own comfort.
If, however, it is asked, how and why it should be supposed that the ten tribes of Israel came to this country, the reply is that there is clear evidence to that effect, about which even a person of a poor intellect can have no doubt; for it is well known that people like the Afghans and the original inhabitants of Kashmir are of Israelite origin. For example, the people of the hilly tract of Alai which is two or three days’ journey from the district of Hazara, have called themselves Bani Israel from time immemorial; so, also the inhabitants of the Kala Dakah, another hilly tract in this region, take pride in being of Israelite origin."


Promised Messiah 1835-1908 had mentioned detail of tracing Lost Tribes of Israel and giving evidences from historic records in his book written by him “Jesus in India”, I continue giving hereunder a relevant excerpt from it for interest of the members:

"Then there is a tribe in the Hazara district itself which attributes their origin to Israel. Similarly, the people of the hilly region between Chalas and Kabul call themselves Israelites. About the people of Kashmir, the view expressed by Dr. Bernier on the authority of some English scholars, in the second part of his book Travels in the Moghul Empire,17 is well founded: the view, namely, that the Kashmiri people are the descendants of Israel; their dress, their features and some of their customs conclusively point to the fact that they are of Israelite origin.

An Englishman, George Forster by name, states in his book18 that during his stay in Kashmir he thought himself to be amidst a tribe of the Jews. In the book called The Races of Afghanistan,19 by H. W. Bellews C.S.I., (Thacker Spink & Co., Calcutta) it is mentioned that the Afghans came from Syria. Nebuchadnezzar took them prisoner and settled them in Persia and Media, from whence at some later time they marched to the East and settled in the Ghaur hills, where they were known as Beni Israel.

In proof of this there is the prophecy of the Prophet Idris (Enoch), saying that the ten tribes of Israel who were taken prisoner escaped from bondage and took refuge in the territory called Arsartat which appears to be the name of the part known as Hazara today, part of the region being called Ghaur.

In Tabaqat-i-Nasri, in which there is an account of the conquest of Afghanistan by Genghiz Khan, it is stated that in the time of the Shabnisi dynasty there lived a tribe called Bani-Israel, some of whom were good traders. In 622 A.D. near about the time when our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) announced his call, these people were settled in the territory towards the east of Herat. A Quraish Chief, Khalid bin Walid by name, brought to them the tidings of the Prophet’s advent with a view to bringing them under the banner of the Divine Messenger (on whom be peace and blessings of God). Five or six chiefs joined him, of whom Qais was the leading one, whose other name was Kish.

After accepting Islam these people fought bravely for Islam and made many conquests, the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and the blessings of God), giving them many presents on their return, blessing them, and prophesying that those people would attain to great ascendancy. The Holy Prophet said that the chiefs of this tribe would always be known as Maliks. Qais, he named Abdul Rashid, and conferred upon him the title ‘Pathan’. Afghan writers say that this is a Syriac word which means a rudder. As the newly converted Qais was a guide to his tribe like the rudder of a ship he was awarded the title ‘Pathan’."



Although you are a gentle and peace loving person, many people on here do not believe what you believe in, and we never will.
Im just letting you know. No attempt you make will ever get us to change what we believe in, i think you know this.
May God be with you, but i think i can speak for many on here, as I do not share you views on what you believe.
God Bless


Let’s see… believe Jesus himself and his Apostles or a fiction writer of the 1800s with an active imagination and an erroneous understanding of God… hmmm… tough one… but I’'ll stick with Jesus and his Church.



Promised Messiah 1835-1908 had gone into details for tracing Lost Tribes of Israel and giving evidences from historic records in his book written by him “Jesus in India”, I continue giving hereunder a relevant excerpt from it for interest of the members:…india/ch4.html

"It is not possible to say at what time the Afghans of Ghaur advanced farther and came to settle in the territory around Kandhar, which is their home today. This happened probably in the first century of the Islamic calendar. The Afghans maintain that Qais married the daughter of Khalid bin Walid, by whom he had three sons whose names were Saraban, Patan, and Gurgasht. Saraban had two sons, called Sacharj Yun, and Karsh Yun, whose descendants are Afghans, i.e. the Bani-Israel. The people of Asia-Minor, and Muslim historians of the West, call Afghans ‘Sulaimanis’.

In The Cyclopaedia of India, Eastern and Southern Asia,20 by E. Balfour, Vol. 111, it is stated that the Jewish people are spread over the central, southern, and eastern regions of Asia. In early times these people were settled in large numbers in China; they had a temple at Yih Chu, the headquarter of the district of Shu. Dr. Wolf21 who wandered for a long time in search of the Ten Lost Tribes of Bani Israel is of the opinion that if Afghans are the progeny of Jacob they come from the Tribes of Yahuda and Bin Yamin.

Another report points out that the Jews were exiled to Tartary; they were found in large numbers in the territories round about Bukhara, Merv and Khiva. Prester John, Emperor of Constantinople, writing about his dominions, says that beyond this river (Amu) there are the ten tribes of Israel who, though they claim to be under their own king, are in reality his subjects and vassals. Dr. Moore’s researches22 show that the Tartar tribes named Chosan are of Jewish origin and that among them are to be found traces of the ancient Jewish faith; for example, they observe the custom of circumcision. The Afghans have a tradition that they are the ten lost tribes of Israel. After the sack of Jerusalem the king, Nebuchadnezzar, took them prisoner and settled them in the Ghaur country, near Bamiyar. Before the coming of Khalid Bin Walid they had consistently maintained the Jewish faith.

In appearance the Afghans resemble the Jews in all respects. Like them, the younger brother marries the widow of the elder brother. A French traveller, L. P. Ferrier by name, who passed through Herat, states that in this territory there are many Israelites who have complete liberty in the observance of the customs of their faith. The Rabbi Bin Yamin of Toledo (Spain) in the twelfth century A.D. ventured out in search of the lost tribes. He states that these Jews are settled in China, Iran and Tibet. Josephus,23 who wrote the ancient history of the Jews in 93 A.D. in his eleventh book, in the course of his account of the Jews who escaped from bondage with the Prophet Ezra, states that the ten tribes were settled beyond the Euphrates even at that time, and that their numbers could not be counted. By beyond the Euphrates are meant Persia and the eastern territories.

St. Jerome who lived in the fifth century A.D., writing about the Prophet Hosea, concerning this subject, states in the margin that from that day the ten tribes (of the Israelites) have been under king Parthya i.e., Paras, and have not been released from bondage. In the first volume of the same book it is stated that Count Juan Steram writes on page 233-34 of his book that the Afghans admit that Nebuchadnezzar, after the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, exiled them to the territory of Bamiyan (this lies adjacent to Ghaur, in Afghanistan).

In the book, A Narrative of a Visit to Ghazni, Kabul and Afghanistan by G. T. Vigne, F.G.S. (1840), on page 166,24 it is stated that one Mullah Khuda Dad read out from a book called Majma-ul-Ansab that the eldest son of Jacob was Yahuda, whose son was Usrak; Usrak’s son was Aknur; Aknur’s son was Maalib; Maalib’s Ka-Farlai; Farlai’s Qais, Qais’ Talut; Talut’s Armea, and Armea’s son was Afghan whose descendants are the Afghan people and after whom the latter are named. Afghan was the contemporary of Nebuchadnezzar; he was called a descendant of Israel, and had forty sons. In the 34th degree, after 2000 years, was born Qais who lived in the time of Muhammad (The Holy Prophet, on whom be peace and blessings of God). His descendants multiplied unto 64 generations. Afghan’s eldest son, called Salm, migrated from his home in Syria and settled in Ghaur Mashkoh, near Herat. His descendants spread into Afghanistan."


Gee, I thought that the Lost Tribe of Israel went to Palmyra, N.Y.:rolleyes:



Promised Messiah 1835-1908 had mentioned detail of tracing Lost Tribes of Israel and giving evidences from historic records in his book written by him “Jesus in India”, I continue giving hereunder a relevant excerpt from it for interest of the members:…india/ch4.html

"In the Encyclopaedia of Geography,25 by James Bryce, F.G.S. (London, 1856), on page 11, it is stated that the Afghans trace their genealogy to Saul, the Israelite King, and call themselves the descendants of Israel. Alexander Burns says that the Afghans state that they are of Jewish origin; that the king, Babul, captured them and settled them in the territory of Ghaur which is to the northwest of Kabul; that up to 622 A.D. they continued in their own Jewish faith, but that Khalid bin Abdulla (mistaken for Walid) married the daughter of a chief of this tribe and made them accept Islam in that year.

In the book History of Afghanistan,26 by Col. G. R. Malleson, published in London (1878), on page 39, it is stated that Abdullah Khan of Herat, the French traveller Friar John, and Sir William Jones (who was a great orientalist) agree that the Afghan people are descended from the Beni-Israel; they are the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes. The book History of the Afghans, by L. P. Ferrier, translated by Capt. W. M. Jasse, and published in London (1858),27 records at page 1 that the majority of oriental historians are of the opinion that the Afghan people are descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel and that the Afghans’ own opinion is the same.

The same historian says at page 4 of this book, that Afghans possess evidence that at Peshawar, during his invasion of India, Nadir Shah was presented by the chiefs of the Yusaf-Zai tribe with a Bible written in Hebrew as well as several other articles preserved by their families for the performance of religious ceremonies of their old faith. There were also Jews in Nadir Shah’s camp. On seeing the articles they readily recognised them.

Again, the same historian states at page 4 of his book that in his opinion Abdullah Khan of Herat’s view is reliable. Briefly stated this view is: Malik Talut (Saul) had two sons – Afghan and Jalut. Afghan was the patriarch of these people. After the rule of David and Solomon there was mutual fighting between the Israel tribes as a result of which each tribe became separated from the rest, and this state of affairs continued up to the time of Nebuchadnezzar.

Nebuchadnezzar launched an invasion and killed 70000 Jews. He sacked the city, taking the remaining Jews with him to Babel as prisoners. After this catastrophe the children of Afghan fled in fear from Judaea to Arabia and lived there for a long time. But as water and land were scarce, and man and beast were both hard pressed, they decided to migrate to India.

A party of Abdalis remained in Arabia, and during the Khilafat of Hazrat Abu Bakr one of their chiefs established a link by marriage between them and Khalid Bin Walid… When Iran fell to Arabia, these people migrated from Arabia and settled themselves in the Iranian provinces of Faras and Kirman. They stayed there till the invasion of Ghangiz Khan.

The Abdalis were helpless against the atrocities of Ghangiz Khan. They came to India, passing through Makran, Sindh and Multan. But they had no peace here. Ultimately they went to Koh Sulaiman and settled there. The other members of the Abdalis tribe also joined them there. They consisted of 24 tribes – the descendants of Afghan, who had three sons, namely. Saraband (Saraban), Arkash (Gargasht), Karlan (Batan).

Each of them had eight sons who multiplied into twenty-four tribes, each tribe being named after the name of each son. Their names with the names of their tribes are given below:
Sons of Saraband Name of tribe
Abdal Abdali
Baboor Baboori
Wazir Waziri
Lohan Lohani
Barch Barchi
Khugiyan Khugiyani
Sharan Sharani
Gargarsht (Arkash’s) sons Name of tribe
Khilj Khilji
Kakar Kakari
Jamurin Jamurini
Saturiyan Saturiyani
Peen Peeni
Kas Kasi
Takan Takani
Nasar Nasri
Sons of Karlan Name of tribe
Khatak Khataki
Afrid Afridi
Toor Toori
Zaz Zazi
Bab Babi
Banganesh Banganeshi
Landipoor Landipoori"



Even if the Lost Tribes had settled in India (highly unlikely) how would this lead me to believe that Jesus went there?

The reason that I don’t believe that the Lost Tribes went to India is because there are no native Indians who practice a faith that is similar to Judaism.

The Lemba are an African tribe from Zimbabwe. These people, depite being African, practice a religion that is extremely similar to Judaism. They are monotheist, they refrain from eating pork, and they practice circumcision.

It has been proven that they are genetically Jewish. They are probably a Lost Tribe. They have had no contact with the rest of the Jewish world for centuries, but they have managed to keep their culture and beliefs - have the Lost Tribes in Kashmir?

This is a website with more information:



Yes, sir, about a year ago, the Jews were astounded to find a native tribe near about Assam, who had been for centuries living there and their customs religion, language the Israelis themselves admitted were of Judaism, it was a new item, I will locate it and send you. Israel have now allowed them to migrate from India to Israel.


The first and primary source on “Jesus was not killed on Cross” – but Jesus later died naturally in Kashmir, in India is the pristine Word of God revealed on the PromisedMessiahImamMahdi 1835-1908.
The Word of GodAllahYHWH is and had been the first/authentic and primary source of human knowledge whether revealed on Moses/Buddha/Jesus/Muhammad or Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; it is of itself a complete and without doubt and requires no external witnessing.



Presently, for further information on the subject of Lost Tribes, you could if you please access:


A Revealed Book must have straight passages on every important Religious issues; of course I agree that we are not supposed to find teachings of Sciences and Arts included in the Revealed Books; rather we are mostly concerned with the every day moral, Spiritual and religious issues, and a religious worthwhile book must resolve such issues, if it is for guidance of the common people and truthful to its purpose. If it does not provide guidance on such issues; then what it is for?
The problem becomes acute or complex when due to certain misconception the clergy, while they don’t find answers in the Book, yet they won’t admit. They start feeding answers from their own wisdom. They try filling the vacuum by their own interpretations first for the Claim and then for the Reason which is usually not found there in the Book. So, they are exposed. This is a common phenomenon in every religion; the Clergy hijacking the religion.



I have found out the link from Wikipedia:

The Bnei Menashe (“Children of Menasseh”, Hebrew בני מנשה) are a group of more than 8,000 people from India’s North-Eastern border states of Manipur and Mizoram who claim descent from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Ethnically and linguistically, they are Tibeto-Burmans and belong to the Mizo, Kuki and Chin peoples (the terms are virtually interchangeable)[1][2]. They are called Chin in Burma.
You may get detail by accessing the above link; and you asked for it.


The ultimate truth about Jesus is:
(Firstly), JesusYeshuaIssa did not leave anything revealed on him from GodAllahYHWH in the form of written stone tablets as was in case of Moses, (Secondly) or anything written by JesusYeshuaIssa himself when he left from Galilee, after the incident of Crucifixion, alongwith his mother Mary in search of the lost ten tribes of the house of Israel, he died natural and peaceful death in Kashmir, India.
Jesus left nothing behind authenticated by him, in possession of the Church.
We do respect the NTGospels which (Thirdly) have account of Jesus life, but it does not have much utility, more value than a book of history subject to scrutiny, internal as well as external, for each event for truth on merit.


North-Eastern border states of Manipur and Mizoram who CLAIM descent from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

The key word here is CLAIM. Find me a link that shows that they have been PROVEN to be genetically Jewish. You do know that the Jews have destinctive genes. The Lemba have been PROVEN to be Jewish through genetic testing.

In any case, how do think proving that the Lost Tribes are in Israel would want to make me believe that Jesus wasn’t crucified?

If the LT were in Kashmir, it wouldn’t change my opinion on Jesus in the slightest.



I don’t mind, but you asked for it, and here it was.


The first and primary source on “Jesus was not killed on Cross” – but Jesus later died naturally in Kashmir, in India is the pristine Word of God revealed on the PromisedMessiahImamMahdi 1835-1908.
The Word of GodAllahYHWH is and had been the first/authentic and primary source of human knowledge whether revealed on Moses/Buddha/Jesus/Muhammad or Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; it is of itself a complete and without doubt and requires no external witnessing.



Promised Messiah 1835-1908 had mentioned detail of tracing Lost Tribes of Israel and giving evidences from the historic records in his book “Jesus in India” . I continue giving hereunder a relevant excerpt from it for interest of the members:…india/ch4.html

The book, Makhzan-i-Afghani by Khawaja Nimatullah of Herat, written in 1018 Hijra in the time of King Jahangir, translation published by Prof. Bernhard Doran of Kharqui University (London, 1836), contains in the chapters mentioned below the following statements.

In chapter 1 there is the history of Jacob Israel with whom starts the genealogy of this people (The Afghans).
In chapter 11 there is the history of King Talut, i.e., the genealogy of the Afghans is traced to Talut.
On pages 22 and 23 it is stated: Talut had two sons – Barkhiya and Armiyah. Barkhiya had a son, Asaf, and Afghan had 24 sons and no one among the Israelites compared with the descendants of Afghan. On page 65 it is stated that Nebuchadnezzar occupied the whole of Sham (Syria), etc., exiled the Israelite tribes and sent them to settle in Ghaur, Ghazni, Kabul, Kandhar and Koh Firoz, where the descendants of Asaf and Afghan particularly took up their abode.

On pages 37 and 38 of this book, on the authority of the author of Majma-ul-Ansab, and of Mastaufi the author of Tarikh Buzidah, it is stated that in the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and blessings of God) Khalid bin Walid invited to Islam the Afghans who, after the event of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, had taken up residence in the Ghaur territory. The Afghan chiefs under the leadership of Qais, who was a descendant of Talut in the 37th degree, came to the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and blessings of God), (Here the genealogy of Abdul Rashid Qais is given up to Talut-Saul). The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) conferred the title of Pathan on the chiefs, the meaning of which is ‘ship’s rudder’. After some time the chiefs returned to their territory and began to preach Islam.

In the same book Makhzan-i-Afghan on page 63, it is recorded that Farid-ud-Din Ahmad makes the following statement concerning the titles Beni Afghanah or Beni Afghan, in his book Rasalah Ansab-i-Afghaniyah: After Nebuchadnezzar, the Magian had conquered the Israelites and the Sham territories, and when he had sacked Jerusalem, he took the Israelites prisoners and exiled them as slaves.

He took away with him several of their tribes who followed the Mosaic Law, and ordered them to forsake their ancestral faith and to worship him instead of God, which they refused to do. Consequently, Nebuchadnezzar put to death two thousand of the most intelligent and the wisest people from among them and ordered the rest that they should remove themselves from his kingdom and from the Sham territory. Some of them left Nebuchadnezzar’s territory under a chief and went away to the Ghaur hills. Their descendants settled down in this place, multiplied, and the people began to call them Beni Israel, Beni Asaf and Beni Afghan.

On page 64, the said author states that trustworthy records like Tarikh-i-Afghani, Tarikh-i-Ghauri, etc., contained the assertion that the Afghans are mostly Beni Israel and some of them are of Coptic origin. Moreover, Abul Fazl states that some Afghans regard themselves as of Egyptian origin, the reason stated by them being that when the Beni Israel returned to Egypt from Jerusalem, this tribe (i.e., the Afghans) migrated to India. On page 64 Farid-ud-Din Ahmad says about the title ‘Afghan’: About the title Afghan, some have recorded that after exile (from Syria) they used always to ‘bewail and cry’ (faghan) in remembrance of their home. They were therefore named Afghans. Sir John Malcolm is also of the same opinion; see History of Persia, Vol. 1, page 101.

On page 63 is set out Mahabat Khan’s statement: ‘As they are the followers and relations of Solomon (on whom be peace), they are, therefore, styled Sulaimanis by the Arabs’.
On page 65 it is written that almost all oriental historians’ researches show that the Afghan people’s own view is that they are of Jewish origin. Some of the historians of today have adopted the same view or, very likely, have regarded it as true.
As to the adoption of Jewish names by Afghans being due to their having accepted Islam, there is nothing to support the translator Bernhard Doran’s view. In northern and western Punjab there are tribes, of Hindu origin who have become Muslims but whose names are not after the names of the Jewish people, which clearly shows that by becoming Muslims people do not necessarily adopt Jewish names.




you will probably find the descendants of the northern kingdom in the blood of assyrians, iranians, egyptians, and iraqis. The families were split up and sent everywhere , they were then replaced by the families of the victorius assyrians.d.n.a. testing would help.


oh paars…
you amaze me!!!
you are a real go getter!


You should know that worldwide DNA studies have been done in the past and those people you claim to be Jewish are NOT. Simply, look in scholarly journals for DNA studies, I doubt that google will find anything since they tend to relate to popular sources rather than scholarly sources.


Now, where’s that thread on British Israel when we need it?

Paarsurrey’s claim ranks right up there with my friend’s conviction that the lost tribes moved northwest and populated Europe and England, and that the destiny of the Chosen People is in America.

Jeremiah the Prophet is buried in Ireland. Queen Helena (Constantine’s mom) was English. And the Celts are the “true” Chosen People because David was a redhead (“ruddy” is the scriptural word, which means “of rosy complexion” – not “redhead”.). Oh, the best part: Jesus spent his boyhood in Cornwall.

:hypno: :hypno: :hypno:



There is no harm doing a little research and then to accept the truth.



There are no lost tribes of Israel.
You want to talk to some Jews about the so-called “lost tribes”. Trust me, they know exactly where everybody was, who they were, and they also know where & who they are today.

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