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I hope this topic doesn’t violate rules, but I really could use your guys help.

I recently met the most amazing girl. She is perfect. Good Catholic woman I thought.

And then 2 week ago she sat me down and told me she had something to tell me that might shock me.

She told me that she thought all Popes since Pius XII were false popes, and that the Ordinary Form of the mass was invalid.

Crazy stuff…


What does this mean for me from a Catholic perspective?

Is she Catholic? Would I be able to marry her? I would think so…since you can marry non-Christians, right?

I would think I could attend her chapel but they wouldn’t count toward the Sunday Obligation. Basically like attending a Protestant Church.

What other problems would I be facing?

She’s a sedevacantist. She not a faithful Catholic. She’s basically a Protestant, since she’s “protesting” things she doesn’t like about the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. To be honest, I would tell her she’s endangering her immortal soul by embracing heresy and that while you do care about her, you cannot involve yourself with her anymore unless she renounces her sedevacantist/schismatic/heretical beliefs. Pray for her and all those in her family that have been led astray by that nonsense!!

But Catholics can marry Protestants, right? I know it’s not ideal, but I have fallen for the girl.

I mean I wouldn’t expect to tell a Lutheran that she has to switch faiths or else.

Just surprised me since we go to the same FSSP Church.

My friend,

What you have found is a “died-in-the wool” Pius Xth. organization girl.

They are is schism with Rome.:frowning:

While talks are ungoing; progress is slow.

You may want to cut your losses while it’s still doble without hurt feelings:o

Bassically they do not accept Vatican II as being legitment and every Pope beyond as invalid. DANGEROUS stuff!

Proceed at your own risk.

God Bless you,


I looked up this SSPX when doing research on what she said and asked her if she was involved with them and she said no. She said they were schismatic and she preferred the SSPV but that there were no nearby chapels for her to attend.

But, again…if she was a Lutheran…how would this be different?

I know not ideal, but Saint Paul said we could marry non-Christians.

The problem here is that she thinks she’s a better Catholic than our Pope. Love is a choice and while this may sound harsh, do you really want to be in a romantic relationship/courtship or marriage with someone who thinks they are holier than the Pope? Where does that leave you? Are you going to embrace her heretical beliefs and endanger your soul? No relationship is worth that. Whether you’ve fallen for her or not, she kept something of vital importance from you…what kind of trust can you have with that?

I know it’s dangerous.

But she is the first woman that I have thought “I want her to be my wife and mother of children.”

I want to know about what the Church says. Lutherans basically think they know better than the Pope too, right?

So she is not considered a Catholic then? Would the Church marry us?

St Pius X Society is not in schism, nor are they sedevacantist, although their status is irregular so they are not in full communion, and they do have some pretty extreme views about both Vatican II and the Pauline Mass.

If this girl says she is SSPX then she goes well beyond even what the Society leadership teaches in what she professes.

I know lots of Catholics that have married Protestants. I don’t understand why it would be more difficult to someone who is closer to my beliefs and believes in all the sacraments.

And doesn’t the Pope say we should respect people of other religions?

Respect is one thing, marry one is another. Honestly, you are starting to sound like you plan on doing what you want anyway and are just trying to get folks at CAF worked up.

If she attends Mass at FSSP parish, why does she mess with some sedevacantist chapel? Besides, Lutherans don’t go around claiming the more recent Popes were false popes.

And if she doesn’t believe that the Mass in OF is valid, then she most certainly DOES NOT believe in all the Sacraments!! That being said, you need to discuss these things with your FSSP priest.

My friend I’ve been there. A year and a half ago I had to breakup with my girlfriend of two years because of religious differences. We were prepared to have lives together. She was everything that I thought I wanted in a woman. I’ve poured my heart out with this story on the site before so I won’t do it again, but it was and is the most painful moment of my 27 year old life, I cried over her last week. I still think of her often despite the fact that she is now engaged to another man.

In short what you need to ask yourself is: Will her not being Catholic be a problem in any way?

Over time these things can eat at you. I thought I could live with a non-Catholic. In the end I decided that it was best to find someone who met all of my expectations.

How do you want your children raised? Do you want them to be tough non-Catholic teachings by their mother?

If you can live with these questions than by all means, the Church will marry you.

For me the answer was ‘no’. I love my future children too much than to have them tough that the Church is wrong.

Doesn’t the Church require children be raised Catholic? Or not anymore?

And I don’t know if I am going to marry her. I am just confused how this would be easier if she was Anglican.

This is sad :frowning:

What were the differences, if I might ask?

So is the proper thing for me to tell she is a heretic and I can’t see her ever again until she adopts the true faith?

No, the proper thing to do is talk with your priest about this- since you and she attend the same FSSP parish. Your priest needs to know that a young women attending the Mass he is presiding over (and likely receiving Holy Communion from him) and one that you are so enamored with is not in line with the Church and you need some serious spiritual direction on this. Only so much can be gained by posting a question on the internet and having total strangers share the facts on the sedevacantist group she belongs to and our personal opinions on what we would do being in that situation. Get some professional spiritual guidance from your priest on this!

Most of the problems revolved around how to raise children; i.e. what religion to raise them (she was ELCA), private v. public school, contraception, and a few others. I thought I could live with these problems or that we would work them out. In the end I realized that we would probably compromise and then end up divorced. We loved each other, but it really hit home when a priest friend of mine who sat on an annulment tribunal told be that he gave it three years before he would be hearing my case.

The Church does require the children be raised Catholic. In your case, she believes that she is Catholic. While SSPX is in a confusing state as far as the Church goes, the SSPV is completely out of line with the Church.

So… will the children be raised in the Catholic Church in communion with Rome or her version of the Church.



The Sedevacantists are known as " Radical Traditionalists “catholics” ". They are basicully High Protestants or Protestants in Catholic Clothing as I put it :wink:

I use to be Sedevacantist, and I’m glad I left them because they are very uncharitable and disrespectful to original Catholic Bishops. They Claim the Catholic Church no longer exists. But, Matthew 16:18-19 Jesus mentions the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church. Was Jesus lieing? Ofcorse not! What I suggest is giving her a book from Patrick Madrid called " More Catholic than the Pope ".

God Bless,

Like all of the Sacraments, marriage must bring us closer to God and make us better Catholics. When dating somebody, I would always ask the question: will this lady, the way she is today, push me to become a better Catholic or will she make me choose between her and my faith?

While the Church does allow inter-faith marriages with protestants, the Church views it as being a sad occaison and certainly not something to be encouraged or advised in any situation.

Q. Are mixed [faith] marriages vocations?
A. Not from God. Mixed marriages are suggested by “the world, the flesh and the devil,” the three great enemies of man’s salvation.

Who ever heard of a person entering mixed marriage because his conscience told him that God gave him avocation to that state, or because he was convinced that God chose for him that state in order that he might sanctify himself therein and avoid damnation?

Read again the story of Tobias, and the seven husbands of Sara, who were strangled to death by the devil because of the unworthiness of their motives. Those who enter mixed marriages evidently “shut out God from themselves and from their mind;” they do not follow a vocation from God; they exclude the will of God. How, then, can they be excepted from the class of persons of whom the Holy Ghost says: “Over them the devil hath power”?

The Church speaks very plainly on this subject, and teaches that mixed marriages are forbidden; and Christ said of the Church: “He that heareth you heareth Me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth Me.”

Q. Why, then, does the Church grant dispensations in this matter?
A. For the same reason that a prudent mother would prefer to see a wayward daughter do a bad thing than a worse thing. What parent would not prefer to see a child sick than dead? There is some hope for the life of a man hanging over a precipice and clinging even to a handful of grass, but there is no hope when his brains are dashed out on the rocks beneath.

When persons have fully made up their minds to enter mixed marriage, they are so blinded by their passions and preferences that, if the Church should not tolerate their step, many of them would marry out of the Church, and thus commit mortal sin, and in most cases incur excommunication.

The only difference, then, is this: There is at least a possible hope of salvation when mixed marriages are tolerated by the Church; whereas, if these persons should die in their rebellion against the Church, their damnation would be certain.

The Church, like a prudent mother, would prefer the less of these two evils.

Catholics can marry people of no faith at all - as long as you have the proper permissions and have gone through the marriage preparation. That doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

Speak to your priest before you go any further with this relationship. It was very honest of the young lady to tell you how she feels about the Church and the Popes. It behooves you to be just as honest and think carefully about how this will affect your family (children) if you do decide to get married and she doesn’t change her stance.

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