TradeMe lists two bottled ghosts for sale

TWO vials, which the owner claims contain the spirits of ghosts exorcised from a house in New Zealand, have been put up for sale on online auction site, TradeMe.

So far, bidding on “Two Captured Ghosts” had reached $NZ410 ($A316), and incited hundreds of comments, with advice ranging from how to get rid of the spirits for good, to the ethics of selling someone else’s captured immortal essence.

Before the exorcism, the seller said he and his partner were plagued by noises, strange “vibes” and the mysterious flicking of switches. After contacting spiritualist churches, they were referred to an exorcist, who put the ghosts in the bottles.

No thank you!!! LOL!

Wonder if they are still having problems after the exorcism?

Ok, no more problems. (I read the article, duh!)

Notice the slimy way they`ve added Rosary beads to give the whole farce a “Catholic” flavour.

And the holy water?!

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