Tradie helps pay for pensioners meal


I came across this great story today of a man helping an elderly man who is a pensioner.
I pray may God bless him and the pensioner/s and inspire us all to do the same.
It’s great to see that there are still some great men out there,including amongst tradies,especially after the horrible story the other day of the tradie doing the Coward punch on an innocent man in Frankston (Australia).

(As a reference for those in other countries,a Tradie is like an Australian slang for a blue collar workman who does manual labour.)




I don’t think many outside of Australia will have the slightest clue what you mean by “tradie”, and most will assume you are talking about “traddies”, slang for Traditionalist Catholics.

Perhaps you can append a definition of “tradie” to your original post. The term is unknown in the US.


Amended it now:)


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