Tradional Chinese Paintings of Bible stories

In finding info for my thread on Chinese Hanfu clothing, I came across a web page with these traditional Chinese paintings of bible stories. I do no know if they are modern day or actually ancient.

However, I am thinking maybe they are not really of bible stories, but are simply very similar looking and were placed together to show how they look very much like incidents in the bible. If anyone can read Chinese on the forum page please let me know what the history behind these is and please let me know if you enjoy these pictures.

Original source:

They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

There was a strong Catholic presence in China.

The Chinese Gov. is going to destroy this one.

I want to know where the outrage is. The media sure got upset when the Taliban blew up a giant buddah.

Supposedly, they often make their buddah statues so that part of them, somehow reflect Blessed Mother. It is a hidden thing, so they were able to hide them from the Chinese Gov.

wow, it’s awesome. I wish I have printout copies of the images for my living room. :slight_smile:

I think that story might be false, I was doing research earlier and can find no info or even one picture on that shrine.

From Zenit too…
China to Dynamite Marian Shrine

TIANJIAJING, China, JUNE 21, 2007 ( ).- The sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be dynamited following a government decision that the pilgrimage site is a place of illegal religious activity.

The Henan Province government will prevent the annual July 16 pilgrimage, which normally draws 40,000 pilgrims for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, AsiaNews reported.

The shrine was built in 1903 by a priest from the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, Monsignor Stefano Scarsella, then apostolic vicar to northern Henan. The shrine was meant to thank the Blessed Virgin for preserving Christians from the dangers of the Boxer Rebellion.

The sanctuary lies in Tianjiajing, in the Diocese of Anyang, in a scenic, mountainous area that some speculate will be used for a commercial or government building.

The provincial government has mobilized 700 soldiers for military exercises in the area since May 12, when the planned destruction was announced. Roads leading to the shrine are closed and pedestrians who go near the area are searched.

The faithful of the Diocese of Anyang, appealing through AsiaNews, said: “We ask all our brothers and sisters in the Lord to pray for us and spread our message to all the faithful of the world.”

Here is a link with a small picture

And yet nowhere on the web other than this news article can I find anything on “TIANJIAJING”, it does not seem to even exist as a word. That picture on the site could very well just be any other real Marian shrine in China or a Chinese speaking community out of China. If anyone hear can read Chinese I would like to know what the signs in that picture say, maybe that will give us an answer. (I also cannot find any info on “Stefano Scarsella” other than this news article)

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