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Tradition in action is a group I have had some dealings with in the past, none of them favorable. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experiences with them, and how influential they are in Traditionalist circles?

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This site is always banned on another forum and links to it are edited out. Our moderators may not let this thread stay either, for the webmaster is well known for twisting truth by printing only partial select words that completely distort the truth. In speaking of them, I usually avoid giving notoriety by mentioning their name.

I am Tradition-in-Action, and there is no other beside me.

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First Evaluated: 04/21/06

Tradition in Action claims to be, “committed to defend the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church and Catholic traditions. TIA also works for a restoration of Christian civilization, adapted to contemporary historical circumstances.”

However, they do this by disgracing the Roman clergy, the Pope, and many prominent Catholic leaders and religious. Their style of presenting pictures and commenting completely aside from any context is both a poor description of facts and disgraceful to the Church and Her hierarchy. While ostensibly seeking to reinstate traditions in the Church, this site ridicules the living Tradition of the Church’s Magisterium and therefore, it cannot validly claim a right to defense of Holy Mother Church. We recommend avoiding this site altogether.

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· Contains many misleading articles and pictures with deceptive commentary (Fidelity)

· Dissident links (Fidelity)


Yes, I’ve seen that before. I was asking about them because they seem to imply that they are the voice for all traditionalists in several places. I really didn’t think there was any truth in it, but just wanted to make sure.
The one thing I can’t stand is their tiptoeing on the edge of the ravine. They will right up to the edge of sedevacentism and declaring the NO invalid without actually having the nerve to just say it. Somehow I would prefer it if they were honest instead of dishonest heretics.

Glad to see no one here has been taken in by them.

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The sad thing is that our young have not enough discernment yet to know that this site is perilous! One young man who posts here regularly has this site in his blog, and I really don’t quite know what to do about it, except pray that he is not taken in. We need God’s help to oppose error whenever we see it and hope they are open and listening. :gopray2:

I have found the site to be informative and interesting in many ways, and slightly problematic in others.

Can you elaborate on the “slightly problematic” areas you have found?

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The site sometimes tends to focus more on the negative aspects of the modern Church then being informative about tradition.

Although a great love for Pope St. Pius X is shown :slight_smile:

I would call it majorly problematic and slightly interesting :smiley:

To start with the nonsense advocated in the picture sentence: you know they’d have a lot more credibility if they verified certain things, or didn’t overreact on some. Mother Theresa praying to Ghandi, my foot! Only serves to show the author’s lack of familiarity with Indian gestures. The latest hats of Pope Ratzinger is critcism for the sake of it. And even more reprehensible I dislike the insinuations present in the Popr “carressing” women.Apprasently the author is unfamilar with placing the hand on the head and making the sign of the cross with the thumb. (And just so that he knows, having women in the Offertory procession is nothing new: had them for years in Milan)

I’d have to agree with this.

Many of the things on TIA are just down-right silly, and petty. The late and present Pope’s wearing hats for example - thier article on HH. Benedict XVI wearing sunglasses, was amusingly petty to say the least… They treat it like its apostasy. Also, the language used on the site is very suspect, words like ‘new-church’ pop up quite a lot.

However, some of the things on there are rather good, especially the section on Our Lady of Good Success, and their History pages.

When one reads it, they need to be able to differentiate between outright extremism/quasi-sedevacantism and real Traditional Catholicism.

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