Tradition vs tradition

can you give ms eoms examples of both and how they differ.

i thik i’ve got tradition down. disciplinary stuff like altar girls, meat on fridays, headcoverings EtC… can be changed

which things are part of sacred Tradition and then?

You ask a complicated question.

Sacred Tradition potentially encompasses everything that any Pope or Ecumenical Council has ever taught. Catholics are bound by each and every such teaching.

But we don’t know if any of these particular teachings are actually Sacred Tradition unless the Church tells us so. The Church alone has authority to make this distinction, and She has done so rarely. Various theologians (such as Uber-theologian Ludwig Ott) have constructed their opinion of the “hierarchy of authority,” but this remains their own opinion (though a well-informed and probably correct opinion, but not definitive).

The distinction is completely irrelevant to most laypeople and even most theologians. If a Pope taught it, or an Ecumenical Council taught it, it is binding on the Faithful, even if it was later determined to not be part of the Deposit of Faith. The fact that such a contrary determination has never taken place does not preclude its possibility.

It’s not complicated.

Upper case “T” Traditions are truths revealed to us by God - we would not have known these had God not revealed them to us. Lower case “t” tradition are the things the Church has always done. The terms Sacred Tradition and ecclesial tradition are more accurate.

Sacred Tradition = revealed truth
ecclesial tradition = customs and disciplines of the Church


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