I’d like to know which doctrines have come down to us by way of Sacred Tradition, and how many doctrines there are.

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If you want to look at it correctly, Every teaching of the Church started out as Sacred Tradition, and then was confirmed years later by Sacred Scripture. When Paul describes in Corinthians for example, eating and drinking while discerning the Lord, he is describing the Mass that has already been in existence. He was not introducing the Mass. When Luke describes the numerous Baptisms in Acts, he was writing of a practice that had already been in existence for 25 years, he was not introducing it.


I’m not sure that the way to approach it is by a numerical listing. I think the answer is that ALL doctrines have come down to us by way of Sacred Tradition.

In other words, Jesus handed down the deposit of faith to the Apostles, and the Apostles handed it down to their successors. Many doctrines are explicit within holy scripture (which itself is a handing down of Sacred Tradtion), but some are only implicit.


Another way of looking at what we have recieved by Sacred Tradition is to look at what those who believe in scripture alone believe.

Oneness Pentecostals and JW’s deny the Trinity, so the Trinity would be part of sacred Tradition, since clearly this is only “clear” in scripture once the truth has been revealed by the Holy Spirit.

This is not a really the best way, but I think it does show that the Trinity is in fact part of Sacred Tradition although many non-Sacramental Protestants would deny this.


One is the teaching that forbids polygamy. Luther wrote:

Luther: "“I confess that I cannot forbid a person to marry several wives, for it does not contradict the Scripture” (De Wette II, 459).

Another is which books belong in the Bible, and another is that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote the Gospels bearing their names.

But as someone said, all of the teachings of Christianity began as Traditions. It just so happens that many of them were written down, and are now found in our New Testament.

But when a Protstant says that all teachings must be found explicitly in the New Testament, be sure to bring up polygamy. That always leaves them scratching their head.


‘Tra-di-tioooon, tra-di-tion … tra-di-tion, tra-DI-TIOOOOOOOOON…’ :whistle:

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Here is a list of things we receive by Tradition…I’ve thrown in a few things just for fun.

The List of Catholic Traditions

The necessity of baptism for salvation
Baptismal Regeneration
Apostolic Succession in the Episcopate
The three-fold ministry (Bishop, Priest, Deacon)
Sacrificial Nature of the Eucharist
The Substantial Presence of Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity in the Eucharist
The Primacy of the Bishop of Rome in Succession of the Petrine Ministry
The Authority of Tradition and the Magisterium
The Authority of the Ecumenical Councils
The Nicene symbol homoousias
The Infallibility of the Teaching Church
The Canon of the OT and NT
Sunday as the day of worship
The liturgy of the mass
The Immaculate Conception of Mary
The Perpetual Virginity of Mary
The Assumption of Mary
Mary as the New Eve
Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant
The Spiritual Motherhood of Mary
Mary, Queen of Heaven
All public revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle.
Private revelation is not binding upon the faithful.
Communion of the saints
The permanent character of baptism
Sacrament of Confirmation as indelible upon the soul
Sacrament of Holy Orders as indelible upon the soul
Infused Grace
The Hypostatic Union
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I look forward to expanding this list…


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