Traditional Anglican Communion Primate: "To defend the unborn is part of the backbone of the Traditional Anglican Communion"

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

AUSTRALIA, July 13, 2009 ( - The Most Reverend John Hepworth, the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, has issued a resoundingly clear statement on the position of the global Communion of Traditional Anglican Churches on the right to life of the unborn. Hepworth is also the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Australia in the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia.

In a pastoral letter published in the Messenger Journal Bishop Hepworth begins by praising the pro-life witness of a Catholic priest in Sydney, Father John Fleming, whom the bishop describes as having “given a life to the defense of life” and having “been reviled for it.”

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“Let us be quite clear about this. To procure the death of an unborn child is a heinous crime against the most defenceless person.” from the pastoral letter…

Common ground of more than just a Catholic viewpoint, yet not a popular ideal in our secular world. :frowning:

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